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Defend Israel – join an anti-Annapolis summit rally!

November 13th, 2007  ·  85 Comments

I received the following email this week from a man whose US-based ministry has long fought to defend Israel and its biblical right to this land. He and others like him are urgently calling for all Israel-loving Bible believers to make their way to Washington, DC and Annapolis, Maryland to confront the latest satanic attempt to divide this land and thwart God’s plans. Continue reading »

Sign the Declaration of Solidarity with Israel

October 22nd, 2007  ·  56 Comments

I was recently made aware of an online petition currently making the rounds that I would encourage everyone who opposes the surrender of even one inch of the biblical Land of Israel to the Muslim Arab world to sign. Continue reading »

Right, wrong and the Israeli-Arab peace process

October 22nd, 2007  ·  18 Comments

Former Israeli Knesset Member and Minister of Justice Tommy Lapid argued persuasively, but erroneously in a recent Jerusalem Post op-ed that both Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and opposition leader Binyamin Netanyahu are right in their contrasting approaches to the peace process. Continue reading »

Different approaches of Israel and the Palestinians

September 16th, 2007  ·  8 Comments

Israel and the so-called “Palestinian” Arabs have been locked in conflict for over 40 years now and in that time – especially over the last decade – it has become very clear that while one side is going to great and even exaggerated lengths to foster peace and coexistence, the other plainly is not. Continue reading »

Why Israel is not Ireland

August 27th, 2007  ·  4 Comments

A Northern Ireland peace activist visiting Jerusalem last week made the ridiculous assertion that if the Catholic-Protestant conflict in her part of the world can be resolved through dialog, so can the Israeli-Arab conflict. Continue reading »

Another look at why there won’t be peace

July 29th, 2007  ·  5 Comments

Palestinian terror groups are threatening to assassinate recently-appointed Fatah Prime Minister Salaam Fayad for making the smallest of concessions in his recent policy platform statement, further proving why a real peace deal will never be concluded between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. Continue reading »

The Palestinians don’t want compromise

July 25th, 2007  ·  14 Comments

Israeli prime ministers are able to increase their public backing by concluding even minor compromise agreements with the Arabs, but the mainstream media and world leaders are 100% mistaken in asserting that such deals provide long-term political traction for Palestinian leaders. Continue reading »

Israel sends a really bad message in Gaza

May 17th, 2007  ·  11 Comments

Israel’s leadership insists that this week’s massive Hamas rocket barrage on the Negev region is an attempt to draw Israel into the Gaza Strip in order to unify warring Palestinian factions. Israel, the politicians vow, will not take the bait.

While that may indeed be Hamas’ short term goal, Israel’s government is yet again demonstrating a detrimental inability to see beyond the immediate horizon.

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Creating a welfare state

May 6th, 2007  ·  5 Comments

It is in no one’s interests to create a welfare state anywhere in the world. But that is precisely what the international community is trying feverishly to accomplish with the division of the Land of Israel and the creation of a Palestinian Arab state.

Every indication is that “Palestine” would be wholly dependent on international handouts and Israel’s economic infrastructure for its survival. In short, it would be a “sovereign state” only in name.

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Israel must cut ties with the Palestinian Authority

March 16th, 2007  ·  13 Comments

Nimr Hamad, a spokesman for PLO chief Mahmoud Abbas, stated Thursday that the new Hamas-Fatah unity government and its newly-released platform accurately represent all Palestinian Arabs, and if Israel refuses to make peace with that government then it refuses to make peace with the “Palestinians” in general.

He is absolutely right.

The new government and its platform do in fact accurately represent the vast majority of Palestinian Arabs.

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