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Arabs persecuted for loving Israel

October 2nd, 2007  ·  12 Comments

As a further follow-up to my earlier post regarding a lovely Arab woman from northern Israel who loves Israel and the God of Israel with all her heart, I want to provide an example of how such servants of the Lord are being persecuted by their own people. Continue reading »

How to touch Israelis

September 30th, 2007  ·  14 Comments

I want to add to my previous post regarding the beautiful love I witnessed last week between an Israeli Arab mother and an Israeli Jewish mother in the battered town of Sderot by noting the lessons I learned at that event about touching the hearts of Israelis. Continue reading »

Arabs loving Israelis

September 30th, 2007  ·  9 Comments

I participated in Friday’s visit to the rocket-battered town of Sderot by some 500 participants in the International Christian Zionist Center’s Feast of Tabernacles celebration. While the group’s march through the town and its outpouring of love was beautiful to see, one scene in particular brought tears to my eyes. Continue reading »

Why Columbia was wrong to give Ahamdinejad a platform

September 25th, 2007  ·  46 Comments

Much is being made of Columbia University’s decision to let Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad address its student body in the name of free speech and critical dialogue. Continue reading »

Israel’s government aiding Temple Mount desecration

September 23rd, 2007  ·  18 Comments

Amazingly, after Jews around the world dreamt and prayed for 2,000 years about returning to Zion and even rebuilding their temple to the Almighty, an Israeli government is today actively shielding the Muslim powers that are trying to erase any Jewish connection to Jerusalem’s Temple Mount. Continue reading »

Palestinian strategy revealed

September 23rd, 2007  ·  4 Comments

It is no secret to those with their eyes open that even the so-called “moderate” Palestinians belonging to Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah movement are neck-deep in the blood of Israeli Jews and see violence as a useful and legitimate tool in obtaining its goals. For those still on the fence on this issue, Fatah commanders themselves are now admitting that their group employs a strategy of sowing with the gun and reaping with politics. Continue reading »

Delusional Jimmy Carter certain Iran will never attack Israel

September 20th, 2007  ·  28 Comments

Jimmy Carter this week continued his rise as the new king of the delusional leftists who insist Israel and the US have no real enemies besides those they themselves provoke to hostile action. Continue reading »

Palestinians celebrate 9/11 attacks on US

September 19th, 2007  ·  23 Comments

While the Bush Administration pours millions of US taxpayers’ dollars into the Palestinian Authority in a vain hope that that regime will ever build and govern a viable state-like entity, the Palestinian Authority is busy celebrating the victories of America’s enemies. Continue reading »

Israel’s kid-glove treatment of Gaza

September 19th, 2007  ·  6 Comments

The Palestinians and the international media do their best to convince the world that Israel is treating the Gaza Strip in a brutal and oppressive manner. The truth is that Israel’s leadership is very stubbornly refusing to take off its kid gloves in dealing with the mounting threat from Hamas-controlled Gaza, to the continued detriment of both Israel and the Arabs of Gaza. Continue reading »

Christianity Today’s humanist approach to the Israeli-Arab conflict

September 16th, 2007  ·  39 Comments

The popular Christian magazine Christianity Today recently lent its support to a letter signed by 34 US Evangelical leaders urging President George W. Bush to continue down his path of dividing the Land of Israel. The magazine then carried an article defending its decision to support that call.

With all due respect, it appears Christianity Today has, like so many American churches, allowed secular humanism to creep in and influence its views on the current conflict. Continue reading »