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New Israeli-made political news site

December 19th, 2007  ·  145 Comments

I want to inform the Zionist.com community of a new Israeli-created political news website that I think will interest many of you news and politics junkies. Continue reading »

US intelligence, Iran and the Israel factor

December 9th, 2007  ·  70 Comments

Like many others, I was initially shocked when I read last week that US intelligence had determined with “moderate confidence” that Iran abandoned its quest for nuclear weapons in 2003. Hadn’t US intelligence determined just 11 months earlier with a far greater degree of confidence that Iran was determined, despite the potential consequences, to develop nuclear military power? Continue reading »

Defend Israel – join an anti-Annapolis summit rally!

November 13th, 2007  ·  85 Comments

I received the following email this week from a man whose US-based ministry has long fought to defend Israel and its biblical right to this land. He and others like him are urgently calling for all Israel-loving Bible believers to make their way to Washington, DC and Annapolis, Maryland to confront the latest satanic attempt to divide this land and thwart God’s plans. Continue reading »

Sign the Declaration of Solidarity with Israel

October 22nd, 2007  ·  56 Comments

I was recently made aware of an online petition currently making the rounds that I would encourage everyone who opposes the surrender of even one inch of the biblical Land of Israel to the Muslim Arab world to sign. Continue reading »

Right, wrong and the Israeli-Arab peace process

October 22nd, 2007  ·  18 Comments

Former Israeli Knesset Member and Minister of Justice Tommy Lapid argued persuasively, but erroneously in a recent Jerusalem Post op-ed that both Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and opposition leader Binyamin Netanyahu are right in their contrasting approaches to the peace process. Continue reading »

Will America buy the latest Palestinian lies?

October 22nd, 2007  ·  41 Comments

Israel’s wayward leadership is trying to cleverly minimize the damage done to their nation at the upcoming US-hosted peace summit in Annapolis by insisting that the faltering Middle East peace process remain tied to the Washington-backed Road Map peace plan.

The reason for hoisting the Road Map as the standard for peacemaking is that the plan is a performance-based one that if accurately followed would require the Palestinians to finally provide Israel with the peace, security and rest from aggression it has so long sought. Failure on the Palestinians’ part to do so is supposed to negate Israel’s obligation to turn over any additional territory. Continue reading »

Jerusalem the stumbling block

October 10th, 2007  ·  23 Comments

The international community will bring the Israelis and Arabs together in Annapolis, Maryland next month to again try to solve the Middle East conflict according to its own wisdom and humanist agenda. It will fail, as it has every other time, and it looks like Jerusalem will once again be the stumbling block that prevents any real progress down the false path to peace. Continue reading »

Pray for the Christians of Gaza

October 8th, 2007  ·  35 Comments

A young and by all account passionate Christian man was stabbed to death in the Gaza Strip this past weekend in an incident that should highlight precisely the kind of “free” and “tolerant” society the Bush Administration and the international community are trying to create by pushing for the establishment of a Palestinian Arab state. Continue reading »

Abbas supports terrorism

October 7th, 2007  ·  14 Comments

Those who read this blog are fully aware that the Palestinian Authority of Mahmoud Abbas is a supporter and facilitator of Muslim terrorism, but it never hurts to remind everyone else of that fact and introduce new evidence as to why this man and his government should not be sitting across the negotiating table from our own leaders. Continue reading »

Worship at the Temple Mount

October 3rd, 2007  ·  30 Comments

I joined the International Christian Zionist Center (ICZC) Feast of Tabernacles celebration again today as the group visited and held a worship service on the ancient steps of the Temple Mount. It was a beautiful and inspiring experience that most everyone there agreed had spiritually opened the gates for increased Christian efforts to bring about the rebuilding of the temple in Jerusalem. Continue reading »