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US intelligence, Iran and the Israel factor

December 9th, 2007  ·  70 Comments

Like many others, I was initially shocked when I read last week that US intelligence had determined with “moderate confidence” that Iran abandoned its quest for nuclear weapons in 2003. Hadn’t US intelligence determined just 11 months earlier with a far greater degree of confidence that Iran was determined, despite the potential consequences, to develop nuclear military power?

From the US Annual Threat Assessment delivered on January 11, 2007:

We assess that Tehran is determined to develop nuclear weapons–despite its international obligations and international pressure.

But then I began to process this development in the context of the rest of the news surrounding it.

Like his father and Bill Clinton before him, President George W. Bush is determined to carve out for himself a positive legacy before the end of his presidency. Mr. Bush can’t do that if his second terms ends with the entire Muslim world hating him. And while there is little hope of convincing the Muslim world to suddenly love America, let alone the Bush Administration, there is no hope whatsoever of that happening if Israel strikes Iran with tacit US approval.

Israeli leaders responded to the US intelligence report by stressing that Israeli intelligence did not concur with the conclusions, and that Israel would still strike Iran if it felt there was no other option.

But an Israel cabinet minister told Time magazine what everyone knows to be true: that the US report had effectively taken the option of a preemptive Israeli strike off the table, since Israel did not intend to attack Iran without the green light the Olmert government believes it needs from Washington.

In addition to that, I believe, as do others I have spoken to, that the findings of this report are part of the overall scheme to divide the Land of Israel.

Again, like his father and Bill Clinton before him, the creation of a Palestinian Arab state would be the jewel in the crown Bush hopes will be his legacy. Bush declared with messianic vigor in 2004 that he would be the one to bring peace to the Middle East, and he is determined to see that pledge through.

However, Mr. Bush only has one year left to get things done, and we are no further along in the “peace” process today than we were 10 years ago. How in the world could this situation possibly be brought to a head in just one year? Well, it certainly won’t if there are other major regional concerns, like a nuclear Iran. So the US took that concern off the table in order to focus maximum attention on ramming through the division of the Land of Israel.

If you ask me, Bush and Rice are not to be believed when they express frustration over the findings of the intelligence report. This is all part of the plan.

Stan has written a must-read analysis of this situation, explaining how the US intelligence report is only the latest piece of evidence that in the end, Israel will stand alone with no national friends or allies.

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70 comments so far ↓

  • 1 Matt // Dec 9, 2007 at 10:09 pm

    The NIE report was indeed shocking, though perhaps it should have been forseen. As stated in the above article, President Bush has very publicly declared his intention to bring peace to the Middle East. His fervor for establishing democracy in that region of the world, which he rather naively thought would come quickly and bring an end to Islamic radicalism and despotism, seems to have waned recently in the face of reality (i.e. true democracy is incompatible with Islam).

    With his failure in that regard he has shifted focus to “bringing peace” to Israel and her neighbors, failing to realize the impossibility of the task. Islam is only interested with a peace that is built on the ashes of the Jewish nation. The only peace the world intends to allow Israel is the peace that comes with death.

    The sooner Israel’s leaders awake to this reality the better. Will they?

    Unfortunately, President Bush appears more and more lately to be well aware of this truth, and accepting of it. I agree that his frustration over the NIE report is very likely mostly for show. The report and the actions of the US leadership is already serving to embolden the Islamic regimes in the Middle East; The Palestinian Authority is now declaring that to negotiate the issue of Jerusalem is treason, while Iran has announced that it will no longer accept oil payments in US Dollars.

    The first move is clearly a sign of the Palestinians’ increasing aggressiveness with respect to the “peace talks.” The apparent weakness in the Israeli Government, and lack of real support of Israel from the US administration, has given the PA renewed confidence that they have the upper hand.

    The second, a highly provocative act, is designed to further destabilize the Dollar in the world markets and encourage OPEC, which meets again in February in Vienna, to follow suit.

    It passes the pale of belief that the US administration could fail to see the significance of these actions. Why then do they continue down this frightening path? Anyone’s guess is as good as mine. All I know for certain is that worse is yet to come.

  • 2 Al // Dec 10, 2007 at 3:23 am

    Ryan and Matt,

    I read Stan Goodenough’s article linked above. He mentions that Israel is now alone in her struggle for survival.

    The truth is Israel has been in denial over a simple fact. She does not have any true political allies in the world. This is not something new or recent. The only true friends she has are those who have a true covenant relationship with the God of Israel and His Messiah, Yeshua. Even within the group we refer to as the “church”, there are those who do not understand how important it is to support Israel, but I digress.

    Israel’s only hope lies with Yeshua. He is God’s appointed restorer for Israel. We know certain events are inevitable because prophetic scripture demands this. We know Israel will engage Syria in a costly war (Isaiah 17) which will include the destruction of Damascus. We know Jerusalem will be taken away from Israel at some point with the exception of the Temple Mount (Revelation 11). We know God will supernaturally empower two endtime prophets (“Moses and Elijah”) to minister and proclaim to Israel and the world that He is still charge.
    We know an antimessiah and his false prophet will oppose both Israel and believers in the true Messiah, Yeshua. This same antimessiah will desecrate the Temple Mount along the same lines as Antiochus Epiphanes because Yeshua warned His disciples of exactly this event.

    Yes, Ryan. Worse is definitely yet to come. Some of what is coming will not be easy to endure. But Yeshua said that after these things take place, our expectation should be to look up. He’s coming back to settle this once and for all. His feet will stand on the Mount of Olives. All the politicians and armies in the world will not prevent this from happening. But we need to speak up in our churches and synagogues so that God’s people will be ready when it all happens.
    To those who read this, let’s forget to encourage others who forget:
    Pray for the peace of Jerusalem! Pray for the return of her true King, Messiah Yeshua.

  • 3 Pat // Dec 10, 2007 at 4:57 pm

    Joel 3:2b remarks “they scattered my people among the nations and DIVIDED UP MY LAND.” When did that happen in history? G-D doesn’t appreciate people dividing His land. All Americans don’t support the American politics that appears to be against the Land of Israel. Many of us are praying for Israel and for the Peace of Jerusalem. Generally we are the people who believe G-D says what He means!

  • 4 Joni // Dec 10, 2007 at 5:04 pm

    This article by Stan is wonderful! And so is the comment following it!

    I am very suspicious of this whole “Iran isn’t a danger” thing. I don’t trust ANYTHING the government has to say! Everything is controled for political gain.

    Iran IS a threat!

    But as we know, Israel will not have any allies in the end, and God Himself will come to her rescue.

    EVERY nation will turn against Israel, including my own country, America.

    And America will reap what she has sown. Lord have mercy!

  • 5 Joni // Dec 10, 2007 at 5:41 pm

    I would like to bring to attention that George W. Bush
    when he gave his inaugural speech following his first time election as President of the United States, stood there on the podium and within his speech said, “I have a vision for the Palestinian people, that they will have their own statehood.”

    Soon after he was in office and had stated his vision, 9-1-1 happened!

    And folks, it has been all downhill for America ever since Bush was elected the first time!

    I would like to bring to attention that George W. Bush
    when he gave his inaugural speech following his first time election as President of the United States, stood there on the podium and within his speech said, “I have a vision for the Palestinian people, that they will have their own statehood.”

    Soon after he was in office and had stated his vision, 9-1-1 happened!

    And folks, it has been all downhill for America ever since Bush was elected the first time!

    We just added a new page to our website, and I added 2 scrolling marquees with just a small fraction of news headlines here in the USA over the last few years. I would need hundreds of marquees to fit it all in!

    If you have a moment, please check it out, and try telling me that the USA is NOT going down the tubes fast and furious.


  • 6 Nathan // Dec 11, 2007 at 3:05 am

    The US intelligence community is non-functional and lacks actual human beings in positions that can obtain evidence and details of an Iranian nuclear program. On the other hand I have no doubt that Israel has people inside the Iranian government that has access to such information. The NIE is a joke and is managed by people who could not even predict the fall of the most evil empire on earth the Soviet Union.

    Iran should be stopped and it should happen now, and it could be stopped by hitting a handful of key facilities like Natanz, Arak, Bushehr. Blow up the Saghand uranium mine and hit the mullahs house with some bunker busters. The good guys need to be the ones ending the show here not the Iranians.

    Lastly Irans military is a joke, a bunch of Soviet made pieces of junk and a navy that is just completely worthless and will be sunk in eight hours max. Their reverse engineered jet fighters will be brought down in the first four hours of conflict and their armor will plead for a cease fire after being blown to shreads from US B-1′s and B-2′s. Nobody is going to do anything about it most of all Iran.

  • 7 Marsha Carol Watson // Dec 11, 2007 at 5:20 am

    Ryan, you and Stan are a terrific team….absolutely Unbeatable! Together you keep the facts on the table, and we are able to keep everything in proper perspective.

    I am so thankful for you both. I pray for each of you and your families every morning. God bless you and your families. He has sanctioned your friendship and your teamwork…..You are my News Source daily. I come to you, because I get the true facts.

    Thanks again for being here for us all. “Heavenly Father, bless them both financially, so that they will be able to stay on line and keep us informed. In Jesus name I pray. amen and amen”

  • 8 ED in Oregon // Dec 11, 2007 at 2:41 pm

    I do not any of this a surprise. In the last days, Israel will be run over. HOWEVER, who is going to come out ahead eventually?? It is not the Palestinians. GOD is in charge and will stay in charge. Israel for a good share is still in unbelief. I read 144 thousand to come alive within a number of years.
    During the Millennium, Israel will be the capital of the world. Then and only then will Israel be shown for who she is.

    Bush is off track and has been for some time. There are thousands in the USofA that support Israel and GOD is blessing those of us that do support her.

  • 9 Andreia // Dec 11, 2007 at 5:30 pm

    Friends: I am praying for our Lord Yeshua to return to His Throne. I am praying for a speedy healing to all who will feel the wrath of God because the one who will defile the Temple and cause great deception plans on eliminating us. I am praying that we faithful ones will NOT be deceived by this one who will defile the Temple and proclaims himself to be the Almighty. We all must await for the lightning bolt that will shine from East to West (Israel to America) and the falling of the stars from heaven as well as the moon’s darkness and the sun’s darkness. These are the true signs of Yeshua’s return: for the dead in Christ will arrise first. Glory to God. This is really a good time to be alive and witness the events as foretold by the Prophets of the Bible & Tanakh (and Torah).

  • 10 David in Oregon // Dec 16, 2007 at 7:32 pm

    As we discuss Israel, we should remember that the 10 Tribes known as the Northern Kingdom, Israel, Ephraim, and The House of Joseph. are not isolated to a certain land mass. They were sewn among the nations. While there are particular prophecies regarding Eretz Israel, Yerushalayim, Tzion, etc, the prophecies are not isolated to that land mass. According to Romans 9-11, those of us who are in Yeshua Moshiach, are grafted into Israel. When we pray for Israel, we are praying for ourselves. When there is a threat to Israel, it is a threat to ourselves. When the nations rise up against Israel they are rising up against us. Prophecies that deal with actual military attack on Israel, includes us, whatever land mass we are living on. America will be attacked along with the present day nation of Israel, Great Britian, New Zealand, Australia etc. etc. Sound familiar? The threat is from radical Islam.
    We are a spiritual nation. A royal priesthood under the bannar of Moshiach Yeshua. The weapons of our warfare are not carnal but are mighty through Eloheim for the pulling down of strongholds, casting down of imaginations and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of Eloheim, bringing into captavity every thought to the obedience of Moshiach!
    This chess game being played among the worldly kingdoms will affect the entire globe. That being said I have a question. Does anyone think it possible that this bit of inteligence may be disinformation, the element of surprise, trying to get them off guard in Iran? We know from Ezekiel that Persia will be destroyed. It is going to happen folks, along with many of their allys.

  • 11 david // Dec 30, 2007 at 11:12 pm

    The US is planning to dominate the middle east in order to ensure the protection of Israel, but so far we observe that US has failed in realizing this plan. first of, we see the US is stuck in Iraq, and I can assure you that US lost the war because we see that the iraqi resistance is more powerful than ever on the ground, and causing many causalities in the american troops Secondly, I am confident that if US attempts to attack Iran because of its controversial nuclear program, Isreal will be the first one to suffer due to its closeness to Iran, and Hizballah is ready to attack Israel in the borber and launch its missiles and rockets into Hiafa and other cities..

  • 12 INCOG MAN // Jan 17, 2008 at 3:30 am

    I can’t believe the war mongering I read here. Typical. Sadly typical of the Zionazis that have plagued the US.
    Fortunately, America’s had enough of you people and are coming to the obvious conclusion that you’re the ones that have been the source of the problems to begin with.
    All your False-flag operations, all your bloodsucking of US tax dollars, all your non-stop holocaust dramas foisted on the planet.

    We’re sick of it. Move to dam Israel and be done with it!

  • 13 Jacob // Jan 25, 2008 at 12:13 am

    I dont know what every one here is talking about, Iran is a member of the IAEA and the IAEA agreed with the US report. I don’t remember Israel complying with their obligations of declaring its nukes. Your all Hypocrites, Israel is a bully and play the victim all the time. I wish the US stopped protecting its red headed stepbrother Israel for a little bit you would see Israel’s economy collapse and it would be hit with all types of sanctions for violating UN resolutions and Human rights. Look in the mirror and the closer you look the more you will realize you are the Nazis of modern times. I used to think dialog was the way to end all this, but you Hassidic maniacs are no better than Osama. Do you really think you can trap a whole society, take their land, cut their water and lights, stop their trade, destroy their homes, illegally kidnap its citizens, and murder people daily and expect them not to hate you. Just like the suffering of jews in the hands of Hitler ended so shall your oppression and abuse of Palestine. Israel commits acts of terror daily, these acts are both violent and non violent, they are both just as bad. You are terrorists, you murder, torture, and enslave people and say your god’s chosen people? I could only agree with that if the name of your god is Satan. Stop the Occupation, Stop the Murders, Free Palestine!

  • 14 Bruce // Jan 25, 2008 at 9:41 pm

    First time reading your site. Very interesting!

    Firstly, Incog Man, may Almighty God have mercy on a hardened heart that would dare to compare Israelis to Nazism. The Nazi’s had a vision for world domination (German Reich), Israel has a desperation for survival and desire to live at peace.
    This in the face of declarations of annihilation by their neighbors. (A book called ‘O Jerusalem’, by Larry Collins & Dominique Lapierre, is very enlightening on the beginning of Israels latter day struggle for survival.)
    Sure, there are some actions by individuals that I would not agree with, but the fundamental principle of God’s people having been restored back to their homeland, ready to recognize the long looked for Messiah when He shall finish with the Gentile Bride and turn to complete the last week of Daniel’s seventy weeks with His chosen people in Israel will prevail according to His Word.

    Jacob, I can only put your comments down to ignorance and misplaced emotionalism. May God remove the scales from your blinded eyes.
    Enthusiasm is a great resource but when it flies in the face of what God is doing then it is not a strength, but rather a debilitating weakness.
    ‘Ed in Oregon’ has testified to seeing the blessing of God on those who are supporting Israel. The Word of God states that “I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee” (Genesis 12:3) and there is one thing that God cannot do, and that is ‘lie’, so God is ‘obligated’, in a sense, to bless ‘Ed in Oregon’ if E in O is fulfilling his part in God’s plan.

    All nations will turn against Israel, including the USA, and then we will see God come on the scene in all power and might.
    The present American Administration is pushing a ‘vision’ out of it’s own heart and for it’s own personal ‘glory’ and, though it will fail in it’s envisioned concept, it is all part of God’s great plan to set the scene for what He wants to accomplish.

    Israel needs more ‘Calebs’ to rise up and declare, as Caleb did in JOSHUA 14:7 – 8 & 12 “Forty years old was I when Moses the servant of the LORD sent me from Kadeshbarnea to espy out the land; and I brought him word again as it was in mine heart.
    8 Nevertheless my brethren that went up with me made the heart of the people melt: but I wholly followed the LORD my God.
    12 Now therefore give me this mountain, whereof the LORD spake in that day; for thou heardest in that day how the Anakims were there, and that the cities were great and fenced: if so be the LORD will be with me, then I shall be able to drive them out, as the LORD said.”
    Not so much as to declare war for the sake of it but, rather, to hold to the Land that God has given.
    This has a perfect type of the Christian holding on to the promises of God that pertains to them and not giving up their ‘spiritual land’.

    I look forward to reading more on this site. It is, indeed, an exciting time that we live in!

  • 15 Jacob // Jan 27, 2008 at 5:03 pm

    Bruce you just say that the difference between the Nazi and Israel is that the Nazi wanted to dominate the Earth, then you say that Israel will dominate the Earth cause thats what god wants…. I don’t see the difference. It will be a funny to see the look in your face when Israel is forced to comply with it’s international obligations, stop committing murder, torture, and other human rights abuses, and give back the land they stole and your messiah doesn’t show up. The whole basis of what your country is built on will be proven false. I can’t believe that there can be such a large number of people who truly believe they are above any law because god wants it to be so, that is just as radical as Muslims killing themselves because it in the service of Allah. I hope the rational moderates of Israel grow the balls to tell the maniacs to shut the hell up, maybe then there will be peace in the Middle East.

  • 16 Al // Jan 28, 2008 at 3:52 am

    Jacob and any other Israel haters,

    Let me let you in on a little secret.
    You are correct that Israel will be forced to give up land that God gave to their forefathers. In fact, the Bible even says that they will lose most, perhaps even all of Jerusalem. The exception to this is the Temple Mount. There will be at least an altar, if not an actual temple built on that spot because prophecy demands it happen. To add insult to injury, this one spot allowed for the Jews will be desecrated by the anti-messiah where he and his false prophet cause the an event called the abomination of desolation to occur. At this event the anti-messiah will proclaim that he is God and his false prophet will demand that everyone on the planet worship him and acknowledge him as such. To demonstrate loyalty to him, everyone on earth will be forced to accept his “mark of the beast” on their forehead or right hand, a satanic counterpart to the greatest commandment in the Bible (Deuteronomy 6).

    As to the difference between Nazi Germany and Israel, Hitler’s idea of world domination was to the exclusion of anyone who didn’t fit into his mold of the “aryan race”. It was totally exclusive based on the selfish desire of a deranged maniac who would have completely nuked the planet had he successfully developed the bomb before America did. His idea of world domination would have meant slavery, imprisonment or death for anyone who did not fit the profile of his “master race”. All this based simply on physical appearance or ethnic background.

    Yeshua(Jesus), on the other hand, will not rule the earth that way. His plan is to include all nations, tribes, peoples and ethnic groups.
    His desire is to restore humanity back to right relationship with the God Who created the universe. And yes, it just so happens that this God is the God of Israel, Yahweh. Yes, Yeshua will rule and reign from Jerusalem on the throne of David one day. He is the Messiah foretold by the Hebrew prophets Who died to make atonement for anyone who seeks to be restored to the One True God. He rose from the dead, went to heaven and will one day return to settle this little argument we are having. He will also settle the question about who’s land it is, the Jewish people’s or some pretenders (the “Palestinians”) that have no covenant with the One True God. Individually we all have a choice. God does not want a person to perish in their rebellion against Him. He wants us to realize His desire is to bless all of humanity. But it has to be His way. He paid the ultimate price with His own life. All He seeks is that we ask for forgiveness for our rebellion and be restored to Him. It makes no difference to Him what our skin color is. He will accept us not as slaves or prisoners but as sons and daughters. That is how Yeshua will rule from Jerusalem one day.

    To all the neonazis and humanists that keep writing to this blog, what do you have to compare to that?

  • 17 Jacob // Jan 29, 2008 at 6:24 pm


    It looks like you can read and repeat fairytales. If this was 3000 years ago you would be clamoring about how Zues would be coming from Mount Olympus to punish those who didnt beleive in him. Why dont you read a scince book. Israel my friend is discriminates against those it considers to have the wrong religion so whats the difference between that and the racism of Hitler? Belive what you want ut no evil lasts forever based on that Israel will have to change its policies or be put back in the shelf by its masters in the USA and Europe.

  • 18 Al // Feb 2, 2008 at 7:02 pm


    So you think the “Palestinians” have a legitimate bone to pick with Israel? Let’s see if I understand correctly. I believe the proper chronology goes something like this.
    ~ 70 AD: General Titus of the Roman Empire lays siege to Jerusalem (not Al-Quds) and destroys the city, including the Temple which is the physical centerpiece of the Jewish nation.
    ~135AD: An uprising by Simon Bar Kochba and Rabbi Akiva is defeated by the Romans. The Romans decide to expel all the Jews from the land. To add insult to injury, they decide to rename the land of Israel to (are you ready) SYRO-PALESTINA, a Latin reference to the Philistines, the ancient enemy of the Jews.
    ~Fast forward to the 20th century circa 1947: The United Nations proposed the partition of “Palestine” with two states being created, one for the Arabs and one for the Jews.
    The land Palestine included what is now known as Jordan. This was part of the original mandate established by Britain since Palestine was actually a colony after World War I. The British reneged on their promise to the Jewish people by giving 75% of “Palestine” to the Hashemite Kingdom under King Abdullah I. Israel would actually receive less than 25% because this remainder would be have to be split between the Jews and the Arabs. The Jews accepted this proposal while the Arabs rejected it. This resulted in the first Arab-Israeli war. The Arabs living in the partitioned land were told by their fellow Arabs in Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, etc. to leave until the Jews had been driven to the sea. When this did not happen, the approx 700,000 Arabs who had left became refugees in the surrounding Arab nations. All because they refused to seek peace with their Jewish neighbors. The Jews survived the initial invasion and established the modern state of Israel.
    ~1967: President Abdul Nasser of Egypt initiates the creation of the “Palestinian Liberation Organization”. The PLO is run by an Egyptian born Yasser Arafat.

    I could add quite a bit more to this. Let me know what part of what I wrote above is a fairytale. If the “Palestinian” cause is so worthy, then why is Egypt closing the border at Gaza to them? Why did Jordan have to eject Yasser Arafat in 1970 while the PLO was based there? By the way, why do most “Palestinians” have Jordanian passports. This isn’t about how much money anybody receives. It’s about how the money is being used and why. And if the Arab world cares so much these people why don’t they spend a few billions out of their deep pockets to help them? Stop trying to twist the truth!!

  • 19 Marylin // Feb 4, 2008 at 4:34 am

    Iran called on Israel to be wiped off the map!

    need i say more…..

    Even president ahmedenajad can not convince delusional people in the world that he intends to destroy Israel

    It is another question whether he will be able to, but he certainly intends to….

    Should we consider Iran as potential threat? Of course we should

    the same goes for any arab country, had it all been up to the arab league Israel would be crushed before you can say 1,2,3

    That is why it is important Israel remains on high guard and sees that its defense army remains strong to protect the people of the Jewish nation!

  • 20 Marylin // Feb 4, 2008 at 5:18 am

    Jacob, i just read your comment, it was pitiful

    but im not surprised your none sense after all is written in this really poor english

    what does a science book has to do with politics and history,,, again?

    other than the fact that this science book you allegedly read was probably based upon findings by Jewish scientists, it probably has nothing to do with this discussion, dear Jacob, shame on you and your ignorance : (

    Jacob, are you a Jew by any chance? Your name seems to suggest so,
    i hope you are not. i dont know whats worse Jew hating arabs or Jew hating Jews…

    you are probably a liberal lefty, it is because of lefty scum that Israel disentagrates as a nation stands divided, when it so desperstly needs oneness!

    Here’s something you need to come to terms with-

                                           !!!PALESTINE IS A MYTH!!!

    Like it or hate it, it is what it is.

    google it and read the facts. You cannot argue with history.

    i do wanna give props to the arabs for their successful creation of a fictional people for their political purposes, over night a palestinian nation sprang out of the blue, wow they really pulled it off, didnt they,
    i mean by now even palestinians believe they are palestinians, God!
    what a mind job…
    i can say this confidently that arab people by far are the most cunning, slimy, indoctrinated, foul, immoral, extreme, ignorant, conniving, calculating, shameless, suicidal, barbaric, deciving, inhuman, plotting people i’v ever heard of.

    What can i say the palestinian myth is simply ingenious.

  • 21 Marylin // Feb 4, 2008 at 7:09 am

    wow jacob the more i read your comments the more i become disgusted by your ignorance….

    you clearly dont know the difference between a war and a genocide..

    to understand what constitutes a genocide you need to google “the genocide convention on the prevention and punishment of genocide”
    it outlines the specific criteria for a genocide, until you read this and carefully analyzed the situation, i’d advise you to stop comparing Jews to nazis, if you want to be taken seriously, start taking yourself seriously.
    these “moderate” Jews you mentioned as if there was such another thing as extreme Jews are nothing more than liberal traitors who only further assist the arabs in bringing Israel down. These liberal Jews think they’re so smart, that when they finally gave away the last piece of the land to the arabs, they expect the arabs would spare them their life, and not tear them to pieces like they would with any other Jews..
    Israel has to exist as a one, it cannot be divided! Here are a few words of wisdom:

    “Being generous to your enemy is being ungenerous to your people.”

    Jacob what would you have done in a situation like this one?

    Would you justly defend your nation or/ would you go around the bush torn half way between preventing the annihilation of your people and giving your enemy a break, which is kinda like Israel right now, or would you just let your enemy kill your people because you believe that you should be charitable with your enemy and as a good person you wouldnt kill, not even when it means the death of your own people, so what would you have done, jacob?

  • 22 Al // Feb 4, 2008 at 7:11 am


    We can spend time arguing with people over these issues. But our real enemy is not a human. Our real enemy is a fallen cherub who has blinded both human and angel alike into believing the ultimate lie. He has convinced a third of the angels that he should rule the universe instead of his Creator. Because his Creator loves Israel, he hates Israel and will stop at nothing until he has destroyed her. Satan hates Israel because out of Israel would come the One Who would restore both Jew and Gentile back to the Creator. He is also the One Who would ultimately destroy him. Because of Yeshua’s death, burial and resurrection, we as individuals can be restored to our Creator. When He returns He will rule from the throne of His father David in Jerusalem as King Messiah. For this reason Satan hates Israel. He wants to destroy Israel before this can fulfilled in order to prove that God is a liar and cannot keep His promises to Israel. We who follow Yeshua(Jesus) and are gentile have everything to lose if this were to happen. That is why we need to support Israel because of the promises associated with the Jewish people.

    The current government in Israel is not the one intended for her. God made a covenant with King David that one of his descendants would sit on his throne and rule forever. When this happens both Israel and the world will finally know true peace but not before.

    May it happen soon.

    In Messiah,


  • 23 Marylin // Feb 4, 2008 at 11:45 pm

    jacobbbbbbbbbbb, tell me sonny,

    did the Jews try to divide Germany into two?

    did the Jews try to establish their own state in Germany?

    did the Jews terrorize and kill Germans on a daily base?

    did the Jews wage wars with Germany since its independence?

    did the Jews ally with German enemy to exterminate the Germans?

    did the Jews sit around like bums while Germans enriched the economy?

    did the Jews spread false propaganda about Germany?

    did the Jews make unjust accusations against Germany (before Holocaust)?

    did the Jews discriminate against Germans?

    did the Jews hold prejudice against the religion held by Germans?

    did the Jews explicitly called on the destruction of Germany?

    did the Jews displace Germans (Diaspora) after already being displaced once by another empire (romans)?

    did the Jews turned down the German’s offer to have two nations, by clearing the path at the request of the Jewish league to purge everything German that crawls?

    did the Jews finally leave Germany to let the enemy launch a war on the Germans for six days, which they than lost, did they?

    did the smart Jews still had the nerve to come back to Germany after leaving the place in support of the enemy to destroy Germany?

    did the Jews distinguish themselves as Jewrmans claiming to be a nation created over night, a nation entitled to Germany, claiming they were a hybrid descendants of the ancestors living in Germany, ancestors who by the time the Jewrmans came to Germany were already extinct or assimilated into the German community, did the Jewrmans discover they were a nation right after Germany became independent, but not before, did the Jewrmans abstain from trying to gain independence when several empires like (romans, britain) were in power, to only find it convenient to suddenly start rebelling when the Germans got independence?

    finally, did the Jewrmans cunningly plotted a clever Jewrman myth?

    did they or didnt they?

    arabs- check mark
    palestinians-check mark (for the record palestinians=arabs)
    Jews- burned in the ovens
    Israel- a sucker for Jewrmans or rather palestinians

    Jacob if you were wandering about the questions, they were made to serve as reversed psychology, it is specifically designed for people who think backwards, people like you, jacob,



    -the Jews never did anything to the Germans except being excellent scapegoats, still they got burned

    • the palestinians did all of the above listed, still making demands of the fool that is Israel, luckily the world is anti- semetic, so nobody seems to notice anything

    • palestinians, jacob, are like a case of an extremely naughty child,
      you spare the rod, you spoil the little palestinian bugger

    That is why palestinians like five year olds need to learn that things they do have consequences

    if a five year old touches a boiling soup, he will get a burn,
    equally the same if little palestinian buggers attack and threaten Israel, they too will get burned or at least in Israel’s case should get burned

    jacob, i hope it was educational and do google the middle east history, everything will become that much clearer

  • 24 Marylin // Feb 5, 2008 at 12:25 am


    I am not too familiar with that story, i did hear something a bout a fallen angel- lucifer, i dont know if that is what you meant…

    it is indeed useless trying to talk sense into people who speak so ignorantly, if you ever saw the discussions on youtube, its massed up!
    so many ignoramuses, i never knew such blind stupidity is possible,

    still when you are trying to teach someone who’s willing to listen about the events, its best to rationalize your arguments, even though i do believe that much of the Jewish legitimacy to Israel is in the bible, i dont want to merely say that the bible says God gave Jews their promised land and this is so, rather i want to show people that history and facts legitimize the Jewish claim to Israel, not only the bible, the bible is important because the whole creation of Israel is rooted in the Jewish religion, and they are inseparable, but when i try to prove something i prefer to use arguments based on reason, also because if i use the bible as an argument, i’ll simply be called a fundamentalist maniac, but you are right for haters and non- believers it makes no difference whether your argument is rational or dogmatized, anti-semites will never admit the truth…. oh and about ruling Israel, that is a very big issue, politics and politicians in Israel are bastards, they do not represent Israeli people, they just want to hold to their positions, and the media is also controlled by these lefties liberals who arent much better that the arabs, Israel needs oneness, only than it can prevail
    but what is most appalling to me is that the world, moreover Israel allows the palestinian myth to live on, it is so unthinkable to me, the world has gone mad, how could the world allow the arabs to do all that it has done, all the suffering it brought to Israel..
    either im going crazy or Armageddon has begun!
    for we live in a world where one cannot tell right from wrong : (

  • 25 Al // Feb 5, 2008 at 3:16 am


    I don’t think you are crazy. Outraged, but not crazy.
    As for Armageddon, that is an event that will happen when Yeshua returns. The nations of the world will attempt to destroy tiny Israel, but God will intervene by sending the Messiah. It will not a pretty sight.

    Yes, the fallen angel I was referring to is Lucifer or Satan. He is a real personality who hates Israel like no one else. But those who usually write to this blog know the God Who loves humanity and sent His Son to die in our place so that we can be restored to right relationship with Him. It just so happens that this Son is Jewish and will welcome anyone, Jew or Gentile, into His Kingdom if we acknowledge that we are sinners and that He paid the price for our redemption. He did it for you, Marylin. He even did it for Jacob. He did it for all of us because He loves us. I hope you will decide to follow Him as I did years ago. If you really want to know what it’s all about, seek Him out. You will not be disappointed.

    One day He will return. He will restore Israel in full measure. A Jewish nation fully restored back to her God. Jerusalem will be the capital. The other nations will make pilgrimages to Jerusalem every fall during the Feast of Tabernacles to celebrate His rule over Israel and the world. This is what He invites to if we follow Him.

    I hope to see you there.



  • 26 Marylin // Feb 6, 2008 at 10:20 pm


    I want to thank you for your support, really, it means a lot!

    recently there was a survey rating world nations… among the countries who were rating were france, britian, china… you get the picture….

    Israel had the worst rating! no surprise there…

    Now get a load of that, Iran’s rating was better than Israel’s!

    clearly, there is a flow of anti- semitism in this world… and so you see it is important that there are still people like you who stand up for this little fragile state, what you’re doing is very important!
    You are right, i am outraged, it is no longer only a national issue, but also a personal one! And defending Israel from ignorant people like jacob has taken a toll on my own well being! But i will always defend Israel no matter what! I will not tolerate people speaking wrong of this beautiful nation. There is a common misconception going around that “palestinians” the poor refugees were displaced. When in fact Jews are the ones displaced from their homeland! And the term we use to call it is Diaspora, first by the romans and than again by arabs. That is the misconception!
    And i am, myself, a displaced Jew. Of course i could go and live there right now, but with the risk of being killed.
    I lived 11 years of my life in Jerusalem- the Holy city. I had to leave it all behind, the wonderful place i spent my childhood in, all because of the arab threat to our existence. And i still have plenty of relatives residing in every major city in Israel. My grandparents still live there and they pray all the time that one day we may be reunited again!
    Peace needs to be restored in Israel for all displaced Jews to come back and gather before Mount Zion! This is Zion!
    Now that i no longer in Israel i realize how much i took for granted. I lived in the city deemed the holiest place on earth and never even stopped to think about it. I know you mentioned you were a follower of Jesus, and i used to live in Gilo, a place just a little higher of Bait Lahem or in english Bethlehem where Jesus was said to have been born. I lived there. I lived almost an entire life in Israel and now all i have left is memories.
    And I can tell you as an insider it is truly a beautiful most tolerant culture. It’s a shame that people don’t recognize it as so- as a peaceful nation caught up in a vicious war, desperately trying to find away out. We are all interwoven, personally, and more than we ever have realized. I for instance shook hands with Olmert, the president of Israel! Shook the hand of the man I have now come to know as a traitor, a lowly man that would sell out his people to the devil and divide Jerusalem to be handed out as pieces of pie, as leftovers. That was the man we once welcomed and rejoiced for. I pray that this leader will come and unite the people of Israel! Much of my life has been in Israel.
    I feel like i am internally connected to this land, no matter where i am, no country could ever replace my Israel!

  • 27 Marylin // Feb 6, 2008 at 10:21 pm


    I hope to see you there too. I pray we live to this day.

    Much Peace.


  • 28 Marylin // Feb 6, 2008 at 10:26 pm

    Israel has been a sucker of this world for far too long..

    It is time to leave political correctness where it belongs- in the dust bin.

    Israel needs to finish off the “”palestinians”" once and for all.

    International community shouldnt take precedence over Israel’s safety.

    This is the best line of reasoning:

    Israel gets “beatings” from the international community NOW.

    Israel kicks out the “palestinians”, it WILL get more beatings.

    Both sentences are reduced to the same consequences…

    The only difference now is that Israel will come out a winner!!!, “beatings” are immaterial, for the same reason that they occur both when Israel is being generous as well as when Israel is being defensive. Moreover the line of reasoning follows that the more Israel continue s to give in, the international community will increase the “beatings” all the more, and to the contrary Israel would spare itself much beatings if it took bold actions , yes it would get scrutiny and the cold shoulder, but this would not last, or at least not for long, once everyone has settled down the only thing that would remain is Israel’s victory! Where is if Israel remains passive, international “beatings” will never cease to stop so long as Israel remains immobile in its reactions towards palestinians.
    The idea is quite basic, if Israel tends to its needs before others it will regain its respect from the global community, but if Israel doesnt stand up for itself the international community will keep giving it crap! There is nothing new here, neither is it a secret.
    People will respect you only as much as you respect yourself!
    If you think little of yourself, others will too. If you project strong confidence others will regard you as somebody who is not to be reckoned with. And this is no different with nations. A nation is a body of people who sets the standards for how it is going to be treated. It is a classic situation. When all is said and done nothing will be remembered except the present. The way i see it Israel has two options: Either it is going to continue on the same course looking into bogus peace negotiations which would essentially be a setback for Israel, and we’re back to square one again, and when i say square one, i mean that first square before the six day war, and Israel will continue to be ostracized by the international community, in a vulnerable position and an uncertain future it will live, OR,
    Or,,, Israel will redirect itself from its present path that is only slopping downwards… get it together, foster the Israeli soul and raise its nation’s morale. But to do that it has to act and be bold!!!

    Israel, kick some “palestinian” ass, the international community will give you beatings, regardless, so just do it, Do it!

  • 29 Marylin // Feb 6, 2008 at 10:44 pm

    And you all know that the above is true!

    Lets stop being smartasses for a second and admit to ourselves, that Israel needs to stand its ground, or else deemed a fool, and a loser.
    If it was us, we would all want what is right, and what is just for ourselves! Israel is no different! You do her no justice.
    Some of you may not like Israel, but do not rob yourself of your own integrity.

  • 30 Jacob // Feb 17, 2008 at 8:26 pm


    As I can see your not in a stable state of mind I wont bother explaining to you in how many ways you seem to be a maniac.

    You sound just like Hitler did little missy… “We should get rid of all the Palestinians”

    You write a book on here about how I am soo wrong in comparing Isreal with Nazi Germany , your IDF to the Gestapo and your policies the Nazi BUT then you end your sentence with lets kill em all WOW, you really proved your point.

    People like you are reason the whole world thinks you a country of racist killers and hypocrites. Your “religious” zeal is reminiscent of Osama Bin Ladens and I would not cry if either he or any extremist such as your maniac settlers are banished from the face of the earth.

    Israel is a country just a full of crap as Iran, always playing tricks and breaking international laws not to mention violating human rights. Who the hell do you think you are claiming Israel is such an example Israel has nuclear weapons which is illegal and doesn’t let IAEA inspector so does Iran.
    Israel kidnaps people and jails them with no trail or evidence only on hearsay , so does Iran.
    Israel is a country basically run by religious maniacs so is Iran.
    Israel has Murdered thousands of Palestinians and made thousands more refugees, not even Iran has done that.
    Israel attacks its neighbors (Lebanon) and kills Innocent civilians Irans hasnt done that either.
    Im Quite sure your “King David” is rolling in his grave right now knowing all the murdering, lying. stealing, etc you do in the name of his “religion”.

    The only difference between Ahmadinejad and that tub of Lard Sharon is that Israel is good friends you the USA. Dont be fooled, you and every one in Tel Aviv knows if the US stops blocking justice at the UN your whole little country will crumble because the just and righteous nations of the world are dying to impose sanctions on Israels ass.

    In conclusion my dear Hitlerina That illegitimate country you worship so much is no better than your worst enemy who your curse to high heaven…. It is actually much worse.

  • 31 Al // Feb 18, 2008 at 6:02 am

    That’s right Jacob.

    Israel is the big bully of the Middle East.
    Her nuclear weapons should be confiscated.
    After all she doesn’t really need them because she doesn’t really have any enemies. It’s all in their imagination that the Arab/Muslim nations want to destroy them first chance they get.

    We should be more understanding of the “Palestinian” side of the conflict. After all, those nasty Israelis just keep putting the squeeze on them. Oh wait a minute!! Now the Egyptians are closing their border with Gaza! Those nasty Egyptians! Don’t they understand that the “Palestinians” need access to rockets and ammunition??
    What are they thinking about??

    Probably the same thing that Israel is thinking. The “Palestinians” are nothing but troublemakers and are not interested in making peace. Not only with Israel, but their fellow Arab brothers. Wherever the PLO has gone, people have suffered. It happened in Jordan where King Hussein had to evict them because Arafat tried to take over his country. It happened in Lebanon where the Lebanese government allowed them to setup a military base to attack Israel with the encouragement of Syria and Iran. Of course, how dare Israel invade Lebanon to stop all the rockets being fired upon them? How dare they defend its citizens from hostility from an avowed enemy?

    But that is what you are advocating isn’t it, Jacob?
    That Israel just lay down its arms and let themselves be blown to bits?
    Israel just doesn’t have the right to defend themselves against aggression.

    Jacob, the bottom line is you hate Israel and will justify your hatred any way you can. No, Israel is not perfect. But then again, neither is any other nation in the world.

    I do not hate the “Palestinians”. But I will not give credibility to an entity that was created for the SOLE purpose of destroying Israel. That is the only reason the PLO was created. To destroy Israel.

    Israel on the other hand was not created to destroy Arabs or Muslims.
    Israel was created because the Jewish people needed to return to the land of their birth. They have been dogged on every turn since their dispersion between 70 and 135 AD. The apex of this phenomenon was the Nazi Holocaust. Yes, Jacob. The Holocaust really did happen. I’ve actually seen survivors who have shown me the numbers tattooed on them by Hitler’s henchmen. This is no fairytale.
    It is no joke. The tons of records and documentary is overwhelming.
    Amazingly, it was Haj-Amin Husseini, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem who helped Hitler during WWII to butcher innocent men, women and children. So if you are going to blame the Jews for wanting to return to their own land, I guess some of the blame should go to Husseini since he assisted Hitler during the war. It is poetic justice that the Jews have returned to the land where their enemy had been plotting their destruction all along.

  • 32 Marylin // Feb 20, 2008 at 7:23 am


    You think im a maniac?? I think you are in denial, my friend.

    I think you’re suffering schizophrenia and cannot tell reality apart from the perfect lovey dovey world you have constructed in your mind.

    I can see people like you. You think you’re being righteous Jacob.
    Oh you’re so righteous. Blindly offering help and support to just anybody. Who cares about responsibility, or circumstances or facts for that matter? Lets just help somebody, anybody!, because we feel like a good person if we do. You are contributing to something bad, but hay, you’re still helping. Jacob i like to call people like you, “smartasses”, yes that is exactly what you are. You believe you got it all figured out, when you couldnt be further from the truth. Again i tell you, brush up on your middle east history, do yourself that favor. I dont know which moral principle you’re following Jacob, certainly none or you’re just not applying it or using it correctly. You believe in a killing free world? Why wont you propose it to the arabs/ palestinians? Let see how well they’ll abide by it, lets see how well anyone will abide by it. How do you suppose peace should work when only one of its parts adheres to its conduct.
    I already know your solution, You’d have Israel cross its arms and do nothing while the enemy is taking over. You dont give a camel’s spit about whats gonna happen to Israel or the people inside it, these are matters outside of your concern, apparently. I cant help but notice this constant anti- S vibe in your stuff. You are thinking since you can’t openly discriminate against Jews, you could do it indirectly by bashing Israel. What is Israel, jacob?- a Jewish state, none other. Who are the citizens of Israel?- predominantly Jews. So when you’re trying to pretend that you’re not an anti- semite, think again.
    You are speaking against not only these Jews who live in Israel, but to all the Jews around the world, there are exceptions, but most of us are still in support for a free nation for ourselves. So do not think you’re bashing at Israel as a separate entity, like a piece of rock or land in your mental image, perhaps a government, no Jacob, you’re bashing A people, like i said many of whom live outside of Israel. I just want us to be on the same page here, its okay, jacob, get it off your chest, be true to thy own self. You give Israel double standards, solely to Israel and its just so happens to be a Jewish state. This is some revelation for you, jacob, go confide in someone.

  • 33 Marylin // Feb 20, 2008 at 4:39 pm

    You have made many remarks about my expression of anger towards palestinians, You even painted me hitler like. I stand by my words. I’m guilty of absolutely nothing. What i said was honest and blunt.
    What is bothering you, jacob, that i treat my enemy as an enemy?
    That i’m being politically incorrect? Well as i mentioned before, jacob, i am not interested in being a politically correct moron.
    Your kind of people love using political correctness so much and you dont even know how corrupt it is. Let me make something clear to you, jacob, political correctness is not a solution, it is a concealment.
    You use political correctness because you cannot face the truth, you like to cover it up with pretty words and children’s stories.
    Political correctness is an embellishment. I’m just being honest with myself. I dont pretend that everything is perfect when its not.
    Did you know jacob that political correctness is a communist invention? They came up with it in response to democracy. As a weapon that democrats will use against themselves. And without even knowing it suppress their own freedom of expression by none other than political correctness. I think these communists achieved their goal. People can no longer say the truth, no matter how ugly or blunt or harsh it is, it is the truth. Here’s a truth, most terrorists are muslim. You can get back to me with your political correctness, call me racist, whatever you want… I am the truth holder. You can call me whatever you want…. I believe we have a big problem on our hands and it calls for extreme measures, or for starters, just any measures. You write carelessly jacob. Again you seem to neglect the fact that it is not a genocide, it is a war. Israel is so lenient with the enemy, that it appears to the world that the enemy is right. Jacob, have you ever even been to Israel? do you have any first hand experience? You are ignorant sitting here comparing me to hitler, fussing over the poor “palestinans” when you have no idea what its really like. Did you ever have to feel endangered in your little precious life? Do you take your bus rides knowing you may die?
    You think im being melodramatic? Wake up, jacob. In the months before i left Israel i was supposed to start high school which was in a different location. I could attend it for about three month before leaving Israel. My mom begged me to stay at home for these three months. She was scared for me. But i still decided to attend. She was really unhappy about me attending because i would have to take buses daily, it was in Jerusalem by the way. And so i wasnt allowed to ride the buses, we had to arrange for someone to leave work and pick me up. I dont think you can even register what i just told you. You dont know anything about the lifestyle in Israel. You dont know what its like to live in a place where suicide bombing is so casual.

  • 34 Marylin // Feb 20, 2008 at 5:43 pm

    You compare Israel to nazis and it is showing how careless you speak. The Jews never threatened the German existence.
    They just killed masses of Jews because they were Jews.
    Israel on the other hand needs to defend its self, but i know that with your double standards, you think that Israel shouldn’t have the right to defend itself. And everything you wrote about comparing Israel to nazis was careless writing. What we need is confrontation not political correctness. We are hypocrites? You are the hypocrite, you and the entire world. You dont want to let Israel do everything you would have done for your own country. I doubt that the u.s or france or britain or any country for that matter would be so tolerant with its enemy. And yet Israel is a “special” case, it needs your permission to defend itself. Talking hypocrisy. Jacob, Israel is like Iran?
    Lets put your words to the test, go you live in Israel for one month and one month in Iran. Even hypothetically you will quickly realize that your comparison and your comparisons in general are deficient in every aspect of the matter. Israel has nuclear power, jacob, because it is trusted, it wont go and just use it like a toy to wipe something of the map, it wont and it indeed hasnt. Iran on the other hand was very open about its intentions. And yes jacob, you dont want to give nuclear weapons to someone who is clearly eager to use them. “Israel attacks its neighbors (Lebanon) and kills Innocent civilians Irans hasnt done that either.” really? You forgot about the fact that Israeli men were kidnapped, did you? You are so smart to say that Israel started some war out of sheer boredom. Very smart. About attacking innocent civilians you should, redress that issue to Hezbollah, they are the ones that chose civilian buildings as their battlefield or more appropriately as their shield. They are animals, and they put themselves before their children, but even animals dont do that. You said something about palestinian refugees…. You are right they are displaced, not by Israel though, but by the arab states. It is about time they return to their real homes, egypt, jordan, etc…
    Do you even know that it was the arab league who asked the palestinains to flee Israel? Even though Israel offered them protection, they still decided to leave, clear the path, so to speak, for the arab armies to purge everything that crawls. It is a big misconception. But in fact, jacob, Jews are the ones displaced.
    And UN is a stupid ineffective corrupt organization. UN is just an organization representing a few nations, who each have their own agenda and interests. That’s all it is, Jacob. Im sorry that you havent figured that out yet. If you use terms like “illegitimate” and “legitimacy” than i suggest you back it up. Give us the historic facts. Tell us why it is legitimate for arab palestinians and why it is not legitimate for Jews? Seriously tell us, we’d all like to know.
    Jacob if you are so righteous, how about you give the United States back to the natives? ha? ye i thought so.

  • 35 Marcus // Mar 2, 2008 at 7:43 pm

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but the so-called “Temple Mount” is the Harm-al Sharif (Nobel Sanctuary), a Muslim possession since the last 1400 years, and a Muslim possession for eternity.

    No pagan Jewish temple/altar will ever be built there; only a mosque to the one true god Allah, and none for the heathen jewish demon Yuck-weh.

    Peace out.

  • 36 Al // Mar 2, 2008 at 11:11 pm


    If there is a demon god in this world, it is definitely the serpent moon-god of Arabia, allah.

    When Yeshua returns as Messiah, establishes David’s throne and extends Israel’s borders to the covenant mandated promise He gave to Avraham, Yitzhak and Yacov, then we’ll see who the “real” God is.
    He will personally do away with “allah” Himself. And then he will judge any other neo Nazis like yourself who have nothing else better to do than to attack the victims rather than the aggressors.

    I normally would not be this harsh, but when people like you take to insulting the One True God, I have no pleasant words for twisted people like yourself.

  • 37 R.W Harkin // Mar 4, 2008 at 5:13 am

    Simply put, the United States Of America should never, ever ingage in war on Israels behalf. Firstly because this generates viable questions among a) the people of america as to why the war is being fought by them b) the people of the world as to why the war is being fought by them. If Iran or any other country poses a viable threat to Irseal, and this threat has been proven and established within the united natiuons. Then Israel and the UN should work hand in hand in handling said viable threat. This would be the logical course run under international law by and country.
    The question then comes to my mind in the case of Israel why do we assume anything different should happen. Why do we assume the US should handle the threat, or even be involved considering Israels extensive resources such as the BEST airforce in the world (arguably).
    The US is currently facing its worst financial crises in decades. Worse than the depression some say as the future is not as foreseeable. How can we assume that the US can afford to fight on every countries behalf. Will the US intervene in all maijor crises worlwide? Will they stop african mass murders (since genocide is a term reserved ->

  • 38 R.W Harkin // Mar 4, 2008 at 5:14 am

    for a statistical event and we can not simply use it to relate with a massive group of fellow humans being murdered based on race or religion-scarcasm-direct response to a comment by marylin i thought was ignorant and hateful on reservation of use of the term genocide in everyday english) in africa? If we assert that the united states will step in on Israels behalf why then not on the behalf of others in the same situation? And what of the american publics say in this? News agencies and Councils On Foriegn Relations have expressed this agenda, not the american people


    which aren’t going so well

    And as regretable as the initial invasion , a failure to promote democracy in a viable and controlled state would cause an elevation in resentment towards the west -and its allies IE Israel – that will only grow with time.

  • 39 R.W Harkin // Mar 5, 2008 at 12:28 am

    Come on you were all such good little debaters when the topic was conjecture based or simply a matter of spewing every peice of ancient cave scribe you’ve memorized to defend your precious faith. Argue with the facts. Argue WITH facts. Not hate.

  • 40 R.W Harkin // Mar 5, 2008 at 1:02 am


  • 41 Al // Mar 5, 2008 at 2:21 am

    R.W Harkin:

    You propose that Israel work with the United Nations in dealing with the Iranian nuclear threat? Why should Israel give the UN the time of day??

    How many times has the UN passed resolutions condemning Israel? This is the same UN that welcomed Mahmoud Ahmadinejad into their General Assembly with a standing ovation where supposedly he had a great vision of light. He has openly and repeatedly vowed to wipe Israel off the map.

    As far as American interference in Middle East affairs is concerned, I actually agree with you to a certain extent. America is in the Mideast because of the vast supply of oil reserves located there. America has also interfered in Israeli foreign policy. Every time Hamas, Hezbollah, et al have launched an attack against Israel, the typical US message to Israel has been to show restraint. After all, we don’t want to kill any innocent civilians. Never mind that when these groups launch their attacks on Israel, it is always on a civilian population center. Instead of protecting their own “Palestinian” civilians, they take to hiding behind them. The great PLO, nothing more than a bunch of cowards.

    It’s simply too late for debates regarding what should be done. There will be a major war in the Middle East. It is only a matter of time. Israel will suffer. The Arab Muslims will suffer. Iran will also suffer. The entire world will suffer. Of course we all need a scapegoat when the dust settles. The world will blame Israel. The nations will attack Israel in attempt to destroy it. They will come close to accomplishing this.

    They will still fail. I can share prophecy after specific prophecy that shows how this must yet be fulfilled.

    But I don’t want to bore your enlightened intellect with stories from “an old parchment”.

  • 42 R.W Harkin // Mar 5, 2008 at 9:15 am

    lol Prophecies?

    Did we not enter the 21st century?

    I applaud your looking at the issues and NOT going into prophecies and passages galore as a passage directly contradicting most in “the bible” can be founf in “the bible” and these things are simply subjective opinion anyways.

    You may think your prophecy means one thing while to another it may mean the direct opposite, this is made even easier given the general vaugeness of 90% of the bible, most things in it are assumed to mean one of many possibilities and all things are interpretted in one way or another and likely have been many many times over.

    If i told you aliens would attack and gave you every specific detail you could possibly ask for, but it wouldnt happen for centuries,after you were dead, would you try to warn everyone? would you insist they take up the message and prepare? would you tell them its the only way to be saved?

    Noone ever prophecises ANYTHING specific because this is impossible and if they do you can chalk it up to Chaotic Chance because thats the only all powerful force controlling this universe, an utter LACK of control.

    Needless to say citing religion to someone who is not of your faith or is not of a faith is no different than babbling like a crazy person.


    So thank you for looking at the issue at hand and the facts and expressing your own opinion, not your religions.

  • 43 R.W Harkin // Mar 8, 2008 at 12:39 am


    People have fulfilled prophecies on their own accord since the beginning of prophecies needing to be fulfilled.
    It very easily captures peoples imagination when something they are told will happen, happens.

    for example

    To capture the spirit and imaginations of the people of Jerusalem Jesus fulfilled the prophecy and rode back into the city on an Ass.

    Look this up for yourself if you don’t believe me, all historical accounts show that he purposefully rode in on the Donkey to fulfill a prophecy.

    The people were mistified.

    So all you’re saying is someone has to blow up Damascus, ANYONE – who knows about your prophecy, knows how youll react when its “fulfilled” , and you will go ahead and react that way.

    Don’t think people with this kind of power and strategical capabilities exist?

  • 44 Al // Mar 16, 2008 at 4:19 am

    Mr. Harkin,

    For someone who doesn’t believe in prophecies and doesn’t want to discuss religious opinions, you don’t seem to mind expressing your own.

    I think you are being a bit hypocritical. If you don’t like talking about the Bible, then at least have the courtesy not to insult us who happen to believe in it.

  • 45 wendell // Mar 25, 2008 at 1:41 am







  • 46 wendell // Mar 25, 2008 at 1:55 am








  • 47 Marylin // Mar 27, 2008 at 5:40 am

    to Marcus:

    im going to use your own words; sorry to burst your bubble Marcus!
    here’s why:

    Muslims claim Jerusalem and Temple Mount as their third holiest site. Lets examine this MYTH:

    Brace yourself marcus. Considering the above statement is a religous claim and ranks third in its importance in the islamic religion, it is useful to note that the Koran have not once! bothered to mention Jerusalem, well this is strange, isn’t it? Considering the muslims claim such religious significance to this place…… Yes marcus you will find the Koran has burst your bubble. You will also find that ‘Al-Quds’ the arabic translation for Jerusalem is an abbreviation for ‘the Jewish temple’. Perhaps you should get a clue.
    Now its time to get down and dirty; down to the facts which i know you so hard tried to avoid. Muslims claim that Muhammad
    was taken on a night journey in his dream flight from the sacred mosque to the furthest mosque. What it is actually saying is that he went to the furthest mosque, Jerusalem was never mentioned. Muhammad could not have possibly meant the mosque in Jerusalem for the simple reason that it did not exist for three generations after his death. At the time when Muhammad allegedly went to this mosque in Jerusalem there stood a church on temple mount , the church of saint Mary of Justinian. The mosque Muslims speak of was non- existent at that time. This claim in mainstream Islam is fairly recent, created for political demands also igniting Jihad or the holy war against the Jews. The truth is there were no mosques in Jerusalem at the time of Muhammad’s death because the city was
    predominantly under the influence of Christianity. Scholars determined that it is likely that the mosque in Mecca was the sacred mosque and the one in Medina was the furthest.
    Marcus, sorry to burst your bubble, Again.

  • 48 Marylin // Mar 27, 2008 at 5:56 am

    R. W Harkin,

    you made some reference to me about some comment concerning the usage of the term genocide. The comment you made was a little unclear. I took a course on the subject of genocide. If you have any questions or concerns pertaining to genocides, feel free to ask me, because your comment about me wasnt all that clear. And i’ll also adress your other concern pertaining to the U.S and its support for Israel. I’m a little bit busy right now but look for it in the near future. I’ll make sure to respond.

  • 49 Guy in Oregon // Jul 7, 2008 at 4:01 pm

    This web site is 100% for the Zionist propaganda movement. Zionist and Israel do not belong together. Simple example enough, look what the Zionist have done to my homeland, Israel. The Zionist claim to be Jews, but the orders they give to the Israeli [IDF] military to harrass Isreali’s and others is not a ‘Jewish Israeli’ idea. The majority of Jews in Israel do not believe in Zionism, just so happens to be that Zionist took over the Israel Government in the late 60′s and have spread their brand of authortarianism since than! If the Jews of Israel don’t see the light soon, the Zionist might bring a different light to Israel…The light of a nuke! Than there will be no more Zionist, Jews or Israel.
    Save Israel, get rid of the Zionist controllers!

  • 50 Serhad Cumhur // Aug 17, 2008 at 12:04 am

    Domuz katil ve köpek yahudiler sizi sike sike ortadogudan cikaracagiz
    Analarini siktigmin orosbu evlatlari sizi gidi hinzirlar terörist yahudiler
    erkekseniz irana saldirin bakalim türkiyeden bir ucak kalkarsa evvela kafir türk generallerini sikcez daha sonra sizleri bunu iyi bilin sizleri al kaida sikecek sikecekkkkkk amina soktugmun domuz yahudileri

  • 51 visitor // Sep 11, 2008 at 2:21 am

    I concur with you completely Guy from Oregon. Zionists, whether Christian Zionists or Jewish Zionists are a cult with a mindset that either they are in control or nobody is.

    Down with zionism of all forms!!!!

  • 52 Olive Tree Views » Blog Archive » US Intelligence, Iran, and the Israel Factor // Jan 3, 2009 at 8:28 pm

    [...] View full article [...]

  • 53 randy // Dec 8, 2009 at 1:35 am

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  • 54 eliraz@israel // Jan 24, 2010 at 6:13 pm

    i am sure that usa will try to fight with iran with israels hands and at the same time they will act like they are against our policy.
    answer for the comment of guy from origon-yes to be jewish and zionism is not exactly the same, but the very idea of zionism – is to let to all jews to live in israel-thats it. how can it bring us to the light of nuke? kinda noncence

  • 55 You have no life // Apr 26, 2010 at 4:45 pm

    You need to go to a social event, get friends and leave the Website of zionist.com

  • 56 hizbollah // May 3, 2010 at 2:05 pm

    down with israel

  • 57 son of khomeini // May 3, 2010 at 2:08 pm

    israel will perished.ya allah hizbollah

  • 58 بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم // May 3, 2010 at 2:12 pm

    ارتش جان بر کف امام خامنه ای منتظر دستور ایشان هست تا به محض اشتباه اسراییل این رژیم ملعون،مجعول این غده چرکین را از ریشه خشک کنیم.

  • 59 بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم // May 3, 2010 at 2:14 pm

    فان حزب الله هم الغالبون

  • 60 بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم // May 3, 2010 at 2:17 pm

    if israel attacted iran we will disturb israel in 3 days.

  • 61 Mark // Feb 1, 2011 at 3:50 pm

    I dont know where the discussion is gone from the subject but by the way i think Pakistan seems to me big threat to israel they dont even accept us as country they are sleeping now but we should be prepared for them as well because they have nuclear weapons…..

  • 62 IRI // Mar 25, 2011 at 12:19 am


  • 63 Steve Joyce // May 29, 2011 at 9:30 pm

    All the evidence indicates a nuclear Iran is no more a danger than a nuclear Pakistan, India or Isreal. Except for the Iraq/Iran border war, Iraq has led a relative peaceful existence in the middle east unlike the US, Isreal, Saddam led Iraq, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, etc.. So why is Iran less worthy of nuclear weapons than Isreal? While our personal prejudices may lead to one particular answer, history does not necessarily do so.

  • 64 john // Jun 23, 2011 at 12:12 pm

    anti-israel vicar in iran

  • 65 vic // Nov 17, 2011 at 5:56 pm

    how many wars has Iran wage compared to Israel and America?Iran is not a threat.The real threat of this world is Israel and America.Who made them police over others?
    Their act will surely backfire

  • 66 shehryar // Sep 21, 2013 at 4:41 pm

    hey everybody
    i would just like to talk about various things
    firstly how can u justify urself from killing innocent people ? plz educate me about ur superiority as m not a jew
    y on earth u guys hate muslims and with the help of major powers ur country has directly or indirectly tried to dismantle the whole nations…
    by screwing their political structures nd interfering in their personal matters … and palestine is not a myth … mind it
    nd lastly m a muslim and i believe in God as u do … and yes jesus will come back but hez nit gng to b wid u ppl… nd yeah Islam is not radical , ur supid media has potrayed it like that … there are some factions which are playing a negative role but islam does not believe in violence… the ones who blew themselves are not muslims … they are the ones created by ur major ally … but do remember one thing what goes aroud comes around … u ppl are supporting satan by your unfair dealings , killing innocent and u talk abt God … and in quran it is mentioned that for u ppl God used to send food from heaven and even then u were not satisfied and did not acted in good faith … this is d fact …. u dun know what equality is … islam tells u about the equality … u better study it to make your lives better

  • 67 shehryar // Sep 21, 2013 at 5:07 pm

    we all should study the history in different perspectives to grasp the real picture. we muslims do believe in Jacob , Jesus as our prophets… but their books are vague and changed or altered . Quran has never been nor it could be … their are diff factions which compells muslims and jews to fite and to maintain that chaos they have embarked on a perilous journey. we all will suffer . firstly no state is allowed to interfer e in others personal matter as a global policeman. avoid the so called satan conspiracies . don not try to potray muslims as terrorist because we all know what kind of terrorism US injected in society since so many decades. a balance needs to be achieved amongst all the major religions.

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