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Will America buy the latest Palestinian lies?

October 22nd, 2007  ·  41 Comments

Israel’s wayward leadership is trying to cleverly minimize the damage done to their nation at the upcoming US-hosted peace summit in Annapolis by insisting that the faltering Middle East peace process remain tied to the Washington-backed Road Map peace plan.

The reason for hoisting the Road Map as the standard for peacemaking is that the plan is a performance-based one that if accurately followed would require the Palestinians to finally provide Israel with the peace, security and rest from aggression it has so long sought. Failure on the Palestinians’ part to do so is supposed to negate Israel’s obligation to turn over any additional territory.

So what do the Palestinians do? They naturally launch a campaign to convince the Bush Administration and other world leaders that they have already fulfilled all their obligations under the first phase of the Road Map, and are now awaiting Israel’s reciprocation. It is a laughable claim, but unfortunately for Israel it is probably enough to outflank Jerusalem’s diplomatic position since Washington and the world have never been much for fact-checking when it comes to Palestinian assertions, regardless of how wild they may be. The very fact that we are talking about a people group known as the “Palestinians” at all is evidence of that.

So what does Phase One of the US-authored Road Map demand of the Palestinians?

To put it simply, the Road Map demands that the Palestinian leadership explicitly recognize Israel’s right to exist in this region, renounce and combat the use of terrorist violence against Israelis, and put an end to incitement against Israel and the Jews in the Palestinian media and school system.

I doubt it is necessary to expound upon how these commitments have been anything but fulfilled by the Palestinian Authority. Suffice it to say that Palestinian leaders (when speaking in Arabic) continue to employ language that provides hope of one day eradicating Jewish sovereignty, successful and attempted attacks on Israelis continue unabated, and Palestinian children are still being taught by their teachers and favorite television characters to loathe the Jews and seek “martyrdom” while fighting them.

Tens minutes on the Internet making elementary use of Google is sufficient to punch numerous holes in the latest Palestinian diplomatic position. The question is whether Washington will champion truth and justice, or if it will put perceived American interests in the Middle East ahead of Israeli lives and again sell the Jewish state down the river.

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41 comments so far ↓

  • 1 John // Oct 22, 2007 at 5:08 pm

    It isn’t that America or even EU/etc . buy the Arab lies; it is that everyone will reset the point of negotiations. So all prior failures by the Arabs will be rehashed as new demands. And, all prior consessions given by Israel will have no value. So saying that America will be taken in by the lie missing the point. Throughout the past negotiations Israel continues to cross their red lines and the Arabs continues to get excused for the failures.

  • 2 Ryan // Oct 22, 2007 at 5:14 pm

    I wasn’t trying to suggest that the American leadership would actually be fooled by the Palestinian lies. My intention was to point out that by virtue of the fact that the Palestinian lies can be so easily disproved by anyone with even elementary Internet skills, then certainly the government of the most advanced nation on earth could not truly be fooled in this case.

    In the face of such blatant lies, if the Bush Admin accepts the Palestinian position then it means Israel is being purposely sold down the river for the sake of others’ considerations. Of course, that is what has been going on for decades already, but this is just further evidence of the global effort to oppose God’s Will by dealing dishonestly with Israel.

  • 3 John // Oct 22, 2007 at 6:09 pm

    Yes, this may very well be the critical point. In the past I think I have pointed this out on this website. The ultra Liberals (or if you prefer, the anti-religious) want a fully Humanistic approach to morals and ethics. That way they can fiddle with things whenever they want too. To do this requires doing away with Religion or making a new type of World Religion, one fully controlled by man. (Interestingly, we recently read the part of the Bible that described the Tower of Babel.)

    So what is the quickest way of undermining the Bible?

    I think destroying Israel. It undermines the Bible in two ways. Many people view the current State as The Prophecy. Also, you do away with the possibility of the Ingathering. Of course this will also likely result in another Jewish Holocaust. What better way to get rid of the moral “bone in the throat” Jewish People.

    What about those conservative Republicans that speak of the Holy Bible?

    They are either false believers or are being mislead. Bush may be a very sincere fellow, but oil is still thicker then blood. In a global community, world needs trump country needs. As long as the world is unwilling to confront Islamic terror there is going to be appeasement.

    So for many it is the ongoing effort to oppose G-d’s Will. For others it is to unify the World. The stated goals may be different, but the end is the same.

  • 4 Hilda Surrency // Oct 22, 2007 at 10:51 pm

    I enjoy keeping up with Israel and how Israel relates to
    end times and the Bible.

  • 5 Nathan // Oct 23, 2007 at 1:22 am

    Obviously the Palis will never live up to their side of the bargin. The whole purpose of the PLO is to destroy Israel and then use the land for a Pali/Arab homeland of sorts. The problem is that Israel is being held to physically demanding requirements whereas the Palis are required to just “say” things. Moving borders and people which is being asked of Israel hardly compares to the Palis requirement of “renouncing terror” and “accepting Israel’s right to exist”. When they change their charter and recognize Israels right to exist, arrest all known terrorists in Judea and Sumaria, then turn them over to Israel. It is unrealistic to think that any country even the United States as Israels best friend is being bound by the rest of the Arabs oil. Globalization is a bitch, and without this process might be alot eaiser. The only other solution seems to me to be a war, nothing nobody wants but surely the Arabs are preparing for one.

  • 6 Eric Corson // Oct 23, 2007 at 6:24 am

    Oh, Bush is definately a believer! So is Jimmy Carter.

  • 7 Anne // Oct 23, 2007 at 9:31 pm

    No….I think that they want everyone to destroy each other through hatred, confusion, war and chaos. Empty the place and RULE THE WORLD from Jerusalem.
    Russia wants it.
    The Pope Wants it
    The Black Pope wants it.
    The Illuminati want it.
    who else…..oh ya….
    YHWH will have the final say.

  • 8 Ellen // Oct 24, 2007 at 5:09 am

    In response to Eric’s comment “Bush is definitely a Christian”
    Bush has publicly announced in an interview with Arab TV the folloiwng ” I believe in an Almighty God, and I believe that all the world whether Muslim, Christian or any other relilgion prays to the same God.” WOw– I guess it depends what your definition of a Christian ..or more importantly …What the Lord’s definition is.

  • 9 Marsha Carol Watson // Oct 24, 2007 at 6:45 am

    I keep reminding myself that there are millions of Americans, just like my husband, my family and me, who are not “in the dark” as to what is going on….There have to be millions of Americans who see what our leadership (from the top job, right on down) are trying desperately to achieve……Oil for throwing Israel to the wolves.

    President Bush wants to leave office as the President who brought “Peace” to the Middle East. He thinks that will be his “claim to fame”…that he will go down in the History books by this

    What grieves me so, is that he started out “well’…..”You did run well…who/what did hinder you?” We can’t cease to pray for President Bush both day and night—everyday! If we truly humble ourselves before the Lord, as we pray for Bush to have the scales removed from his eyes…..I believe our God—the Most High God
    will move on President Bush….God is able and willing…..He wants to hear from us, who profess our love for Him, He wants us to “camp out on His doorsteps” with great humility. I can’t recall now which King in the Bible was finally moved by a subject who never gave up his/her petition….The King said no several times, and yet the subject did not give up….Finally, through great perseverance by the subject, the King was wearied to the point that he changed his decree to YES.

    Can we do less, with so much at stake….not just where Israel is concerned….but as it relates to us as Americans? We are commanded by Almighty God to pray fervently for all who are in authority……When godly men and women rule, oppression cannot thrive. America and Israel are under heavy oppression by none other than satan himself. We have no choice but to Put on the whole Armor of God and fight to win, or be defeated. If Israel and America do not fight the good fight of Faith—-FAITH IS ACTIVE—in a very short time, we will no longer exist……

    We are “down for the count” and it is Number 8——will we rise up and Win or be trampled underfoot by the enemies of Israel and America? We share the same enemies….we must stand strong and united NOW AND FOREVER…..

  • 10 Al // Oct 24, 2007 at 1:16 pm


    You are absolutely right about not ceasing to pray for God to intervene in the lives of people.

    I believe the passage about the “king” you referred to is actually Luke 18 where Yeshua tells the disciples a parable about a wicked judge who does not fear God or men. A woman seeks justice against a man who is trying to ruin her. She does not cease to petition him until he finally relents and gives her justice or she would have worn him out.

    Today, we have another woman by the name of Israel whose neighbors are trying to ruin her. Let’s be the watchmen on the walls of Jeruasalem who do not cease to petition God that He arise and make His enemies be scattered.

  • 11 Marcy // Oct 24, 2007 at 3:22 pm

    This article was an Eye Opener for me, Palis already HAVE a STATE!

  • 12 Dreia // Oct 24, 2007 at 8:45 pm

    Amen to #9 (Marshall Carol Watson):
    We must stand firm as godly men and women to fight using prayers to call on the Almighty God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Oppression will never cease if we continue to pray and fight against the oppressionists.
    Also, pray for our leaders in USA, Israel, Great Britain. Where other countries gave in their freedom, we are the last (few) freedom fighters.
    Blessings to all in His Holy Name, Yeshua.

  • 13 jack Kashinsky // Oct 25, 2007 at 7:29 pm

    No, I am NOT a Communist, oops, I meant revisionist. I am amazed that you can not see the damage your strident fundamental/orthodoxy is causing.

    As an ethnic and liberal Jew, I am appaled that you fail to see what self-inflicted wounds you are causing Israel. Your dogmatic, fundamentalist position is no less extreme than that of the fundamentalist Muslims, Christians and other religious sects.

    While I respect your views and “…would fight to the death for your right to say them.”, you are calling for peace strictly on your religious terms and, in effect, informing people responding to other religious beliefs(including Jews) that they have it all wrong. This has and IS responsible for much of the worldwide resentment against the Jews. The consequences of your actions release the wrath of hatred upon the majority of Jews who no longer follow the ancient culture and time related religious scripture.

    With Russia, China and Iran providing training and placing state of the art munitions in the hands of our enemies, Israel has lost Her advantage of having a monoply of them. As we saw in South Lebanon, our enemies are quickly gaining parity with us. I am not even going into Iran’s nuclear adventure.

    I believe that sharing love and acceptance is always a better hand than”an eye for an eye.”.

    If Israel is ultimately overcome, you and your intollerance for other religious views will be the largest factor. Your intransience and intolerance is continuing to weaken Israel and creating further seperation from Muslim and other non-Zionist people.

  • 14 Miranda // Oct 26, 2007 at 11:08 pm

    Re #13

    Whilst I respect your right to your viewpoint, I find your Liberalistic “sharing love and acceptance” views somewhat naive, to say the least.

    Putting Russia and China aside (only) to make my-THE point.. do you truly believe that even IF there were no “fundamentalist” Christians and G_d fearing Jews ( Zionists ) that the Muslim nations would quietly give up on THEIR “fundamental” religious beliefs?
    These Muslim beliefs, which from their very core insist that the Land of Israel and it’s Jewish people must not, cannot and will not exist.

    Hypothetically speaking, do you REALLY believe that if all G_d fearing Jews and Christians turned away from their faith/s and with you became “loving, tolerant and accepting” of Muslim and non-Zionists “positions” that Israel would then be left to live in peace and safety?
    The Koran’s teachings don’t afford “tolerance” of Islam by anyone as being an option. The only “option” it will afford you is for you to actually embrace the Islamic faith, if not then ( as per the Koran) being the Infidel that you are, you too are “placed” to suffer the ultimate consequence of that non Muslim “belief”.
    I’m afraid there is no safe haven being positioned in the naive “Lala land” of loving tolerance and acceptance of those hell bent on the destruction of Israel and (ultimately) ANYONE who does not embrace their faith.

    Also, do you really think that by not being of “The Faith”, instead having a position of tolerance, love and acceptance that YOU are beyond being in part responsible for the fate of Israel?
    Do you think Israel exists, even from the beginning, outside of her G_d? Israel, the promised HOLY Land of G_d..?
    Israel without her G_d does not exist in and of itself unless of course she is merely a land with a name that happens to be Israel which would give her no “legal” claim to the Land at all.
    Her right to the Land was given to her by G_d Himself, the One who also laid the conditions under which she should live and exist.
    Does one dare to usurp G_d’s authority in that they replace the conditions of her existence with humanistic Liberal ideologies which in turn tolerate an enemy’s faith which dictates that she and her people, the apple of His eye, be destroyed? “Responsibility”? It may just lay in other places.

    The very ones you believe will be the “factor” for Israel possibly being overcome are in fact the very ones who’s faithful prayers will AID her ultimate safety.
    She will be overcome for a time but Adonai’s plans are for her victory because of HIS Name’s sake.
    His plans WILL be accomplished regardless of anyone’s “position”, faith or ethnicity.

    You may? roll your eyes, shake your head or simply ignore these words, however one day you will most certainly find yourself face to face with a decision One Way or the other.
    I truly pray you choose with care…
    resulting in the very peace, safety and prosperity you ( et al ) seek..Shalom!
    In Yeshua Messiah’s Name

  • 15 julian -In Australia // Oct 27, 2007 at 4:31 am

    To that silly bird that holds the arrows in its left hand side — To the one who calls his enemies ‘friends’. –You whose sins are greater than Judah! –The one whose sins are unpardonable as a nation, who can not go back to its former state. -How pleased was the Lord with your forefathers, your founding fathers! –They knew exactly what was expected of them as a nation, but NOW how senseless you have become, the one laden with sins as red as crimson. How will you escape your enemies, who now you call ‘friends’, the very ones who now you betray before the Most High,

    -Do you not know, your friendship with God’s enemies makes you a traitor and an enemy, (and HE will indeed fight against you). You have become as useless as King Saul was! –Remember how God had to use an old man to take Saul’s sword away and hack his enemy to death, Yet Saul had him as ‘friend’. This ruler was completely useless to God for carrying out his purpose AT that time.

    The very arrows on your left hand side will be taken away and given to your enemies, yes to those very ones you now call ‘friends’, who in turn will devour your flesh. when that holocaust comes to your shores, who will you call out for help?
    —Just as a loving father punishes his unruly son, so will the Most High punish his unruly Heifer, the one who was meant to thrash the nations (the enemies of God), but now how soon will you be thrashed!

    Though Judah’s sins are great, yours are greater! Oh Judah!, Remember your God, the one who bore you, the one who gave you life, the one who took you out of the belly of your enemies, and gave you a pleasant land to live in.

    Remember the last time you were an independent nation, in the time of Jonathan/Simon and at your pre-birth when their father fought the enemy forces and was not willing to live under that degenerate Greek law rule but rebelled, –how pleased God found his zealousness, and his sons! But now, how you failed in your zeal for God. During this last independence of yours —You had to prove yourself, your zeal, your dedication (in the Torah), –yet you are failing as a nation! – Soon you will live under another law, that degenerate law called Shariah!. —To those false Jews who are claiming ownership of your land, of God, and of your inheritance.

    When you become as corrupted as your bigger sister, you will cease being an independent nation once again. The little help received so far will be taken away once again, and your home will be left abandoned to you once more.

    To the one who bullies her little sister, who will be at your side at your down fall? will you cry out to your elder brother, the one who chants: ‘May GOD save the Queen’? he will be as useless to you as a walking stick used as a rope!

    For the Love of Zion!

  • 16 Marsha Carol Watson // Oct 27, 2007 at 8:19 pm

    Heavenly Father, thank you for all of us here who live daily by Sir Winston Churchill’s famous quote: “Without Courage….all other virtues lose their meaning.” I pray in the name of Jesus Christ, my Saviour and my LORD. amen and amen

    We are standing with Israel, and we are living in the REAL world….a world that, due to fallen mankind, has given itself over to terrorism.

    We realize and acknowledge that Israel’s only option is to PROTECT AND DEFEND herself against those countries and radical groups whose life mission is to destroy the Nation and Land of Israel….those whose life goal is to put to death the entire Jewish population–including those who call their enemies “friends.”

    Any person or nation who openly or secretly “spews forth” hatred against the Jewish People and the Nation of Israel cannot be and will never be Israel and the Jewish People’s friend. This may be hard to “swallow” because many of us who were young in the “Make Love, Not War” generation were programmed that way—-Nevertheless, it is a fact of life. It must be accepted as such—and then dealt with accordingly.

    Please do think I am being harsh—I do not mean this as such….but light dispels darkness……Darkness cannot stay when the light of Truth is turned on.

  • 17 Victor Passenheim // Oct 28, 2007 at 12:42 am

    To #13 – Nice brainwashing act you have done on yourself.

    First, I would like to come out and say that you are NO friend of Israel. Now more than ever Israel’s friends need to stand up and bless her while exposing the wicked schemes of her enemies.

    You don’t have to have “strident fundamental/orthodoxy” to recognize what “wicked” schemes are. They are:

    1. Cutting up a sovereign nation (unfortunately, Israel is more of a banana republic) to give over 30% of its blood bought land to terrorists who only promise to annihilate her.

    So that’s not “strident fundamental/orthodoxy” for you. Complaining about it is!?#

    1. The entire planet using false terminology like “Palestinians”, “West Bank”, “Occupied Territories”, “Moderate Fatah leader”, “Settlers”, etc., all of which is intended to prop up the blatant lies made by the Arabs and to damage Israel’s cause…

    That’s not “strident fundamental/orthodoxy” for you, but complaining about it is!?#

    1. 140+ suicide bombings in public places murdering multiple hundred innocent civilians and maiming for life multiple thousand more over the course of 2 years, plus many other murders, beatings, rapings, stabbings, etc. since then and before…

    That’s not “strident fundamental/orthodoxy” for you, but complaining about it is!?#

    1. Releasing countless terrorists as a measure of “good will” (which is what is for certain to be returned to the Israeli population by these ‘blessed’ souls- “good will”) and promising to release even more due to increasingly mounting international pressure, providing te water, electricity to a city that is concurrently being used to launch kassams back at you, inviting tyrants who promise to commit nuclear genocide against an entire nation to speak at your university (Columbia), and cheering him on just the same, pumping the airwaves with a constant message of “Kill the Jews” whether by radio or TV, having an educational system that teaches children from the cradle to hate Jews and how it is virtuous to become a martyr by killing yourself and as many Jews along with you as you can, …

    ….last year’s Lebanon war with Hizbullah…

    That’s not “strident fundamental/orthodoxy” for you, but complaining about it is!?#

    I could go on and on, but it would be like talking to a wall, or talking to the proverbial ostrich with its head buried in the sand.

    Israel has bent over backwards time and again at the peace table, with every single accord immediately being broken by the “Palestinians”, with the aftermath of it all being continuous, unrelenting suffering at the hands of a bloodthirsty, violent people.

    That is a FACT, sir! So please stop selling “peace and love” LIES! If you had the tiniest bit of love in your heart, for both the Jews AND the Arabs of the region, you would say “No more!”.

    I love Israel, and the first thing I would if I were a Jew, is make Aliyah and help out my fellow brethren who are suffering. So, shut up already, coward!

  • 18 Al // Nov 2, 2007 at 3:15 am

    Sorry I thought you were Jewish?


  • 19 David in Oregon // Nov 12, 2007 at 2:29 am

    Israel as a people and as a government intity must return to YHVH in full obedience to Torah and to Yeshua HaMoshiach to once again enjoy the full blessings and protection of YHVH. Just start in the right direction with Torah obedience and He will reveal your Moshiach to you. He will fight for you and protect you.
    He has returned Eretz Israel to Yhuda. So it has begun. Don’t blow it now. The secular government and wicked policies of the present nation of Israel is pulling her down. Stop the gay rights parades and the wicked living. Open your hearts to your brother Ephraim who loves you from Diaspora and supports you. Wake up Israel!

  • 20 Nathan // Nov 20, 2007 at 2:16 am

    What the hell does China and Russia have to do with Jerusalem?

  • 21 Howie // Dec 2, 2007 at 2:18 am

    Nathan hang in there and you will soon find what China
    and Russia has to do Israel, if not read Ezk.38.

              Shalom in YESHUA.
  • 22 Charles // Dec 4, 2007 at 1:51 am

    Nathan , I thought you were aware of the prophecy of Ezekiel 38 and 39 also mentioned in Rev. 20 verse 8 . The ” Hordes of the East “come during Armageddon although these two wars are not the same .

  • 23 INCOG MAN // Jan 17, 2008 at 3:35 am

    More like Israeli lies, as usual.

    How many decades has the Zionazis been playing this game on the Western world, now?

    Oh, we’ll have ourselves an Armegeddon, alright. Frog-marching you to the nearest dam border!

    –An American Patriot

  • 24 DeWayne // Jun 18, 2008 at 1:39 am

    Listening to both sides (Palestine/Israel) of a disagreement gives focus concerning where to look for answers. First as a Christian that has studied my Bible, the works of both sometimes are found answered in a most obvious way. In this respect, it is evident that the Palestinian at this point in time have precious little grounds to show advancement, and the State of Israel showing great occupancy with walls being built not described in scripture.

    Next it is necessary to validate claims being made, scripture brings out some surprising findings. These being:

    First it must be said that God in allocating the Promised Land (perhaps looking symbolically) did make allocation also for an ‘alien’ living among the people, also commanding these marker stones of a neighbor not be moved, and last reminding as they had been in Egypt, not treat these others in harsh manner. Some like to name tribe and peoples apparently forgetting they are all Gods people, one day to be one nation and one people.

    Next must be noted the chosen scattered into other nations for 2000-years (70AD-1900) obedient to vows imposed by God, and scripture telling of the (true) re-gathering, for this period in obedience never once did they attempt re-establishing Israel. Will a (State of) Israel exist in the last of end days, both Old and New Testament give harsh and accurate description of this area.

    Last must be observed that the new State of Israel is the work of predominent secular (Zionist) entities and organizations, that would be difficult from in action to say was the work of God, and very evident the work of man, these in disobedience of God.

    The URL will take you to a webpage-article of scripture and signs of the times (today), a study that expands upon scripture and findings regarding to Israel of eternity, and Israel of today.

  • 25 DeWayne // Jun 18, 2008 at 1:50 am

    Marsha Carol Watson
    Life is interesting, made more interesting when learning, that all or much that you learned before was in error, this is why Christs command is so important when sent out as sheep among wolves.

    Let me take a paragraph of yours, revelant to the Middle East today:
    “Heavenly Father, thank you for all of us here who live daily by Sir Winston Churchill’s famous quote: “Without Courage….all other virtues lose their meaning.”

    Here is a bit of trivia… the first man to use poison-gas on Iraq citizens, was not Saddam Hussein, but a man named Winston Churchill.

  • 26 DeWayne // Jun 18, 2008 at 2:33 am

    Victor Passenheim
    I spent some time debunking the slander and false testimony of christian-Zionist pastor John Hagee, it has some similarity concerning the implied Iran of which your statement appears aimed…

    “,inviting tyrants who promise to commit nuclear genocide against an entire nation to speak at your university (Columbia), and cheering him on just the same, pumping the airwaves with a constant message of “Kill the Jews”

    The fact remains that the Bush-Admin charges against Iran have been found essentially groundless, without proof of even the IAEA that is being pressured (as was Iraq with added mandates that amount to bullying), since before this Iran was in compliance of orig-membership rules before this warmongering.

    Next, if Iran actually wanted to destroy Jewish peoples he has a sizeable (religious) Jewish population in Iran that has been in existance for many generations. Also the slander ascribed to this nation and President “Wipe Israel Off The Map” has now been proven as false and propaganda, even though the Bush-Admin recently parroted again this false information.

    The only nation’s in the Middle East actually having a Nuclear Arsenal and refusing to become members in the UN Int’l Atomic Energy Agency is Pakistan and Israel. Until (all) nations agree on a centeral production of 20%-grade uranium fuel good only in Power Plants (ending 90% Weapons-grade), peace without lies will never be accolplished.

  • 27 Al // Jun 29, 2008 at 12:59 am


    No matter how you present it, the fact remains that Iran and its leaders are committed to the destruction of Israel. I just watched on youtube a clip of Mr. Admadinejad, president of Iran, asked during his visit of Columbia Univ. if in fact he “or his gov’t seek the destruction of Israel as a Jewish state”. Not only does he not answer the question directly, he goes into some diatribe about how the “Palestinians”, whether they are Muslim, Jew or Christian should be allowed to decide their own fate by way of referendum.

    He does not and will not acknowledge that Israel actually exists!!
    He simply refers to the land as “Palestine” and treats this conflict as a civil war. It is not a civil war. It is a war between Israel and her Muslim neighbors who can’t stand the fact that there is a sovereign Jewish nation right in the midst of a region that is predominantly Muslim. The same Muslim neighbors that created the so-called “Palestinian” refugee problem in the first place when they refused to absorb them into their respective nations.

    As far as Iran’s nuclear program is concerned, Iran has NEVER said it does not possess nuclear power. It simply hasn’t processed enough plutonium from its now operational nuclear reactors to produce a functional atom bomb, at least not yet. This is the same Iran that supports Hezbollah in Lebanon and Mr. Assad in Syria. The same Iran that supports Hamas. ALL of these entities have one thing in common. They hate Israel and want to destroy her.

    Please spare us your anti-Israel and anti-Jewish propaganda.

  • 28 Jerry // Aug 11, 2008 at 9:01 am

    Wow. It blows me away how blind you fundamental Christians are. You know if your prophecies do come true there will be unbelievable death and destruction let loose on the planet. Read an original translation of the Talmud and take a good long listen to the words of the Khazar tribe you’re trying to use. The Torah holds little weight with Zionist. They refer to your savior as the son of a whore who boils in a tub of excrement in hell. They are the keepers of the Mystery religion. Why do you think the Zionists have made Hebrew a dead language to the rest of the world, but hold it so close to their heart? It is Alphanumeric and interprets the world for them in a way we couldn’t begin to understand. Our race has been subjugated, and our reality narrowed. The mathematical elements in the Hebrew language allow the mind to view word constructs in the form of symbols which is the way the brain interprets thought. Take another look at the Tower of Babel allegory. Get it. We are less than human to these people. They either laugh at Christians, or feel slightly ill when dealing with them. How many Zionist are in Iraq right now? Research what Rumsfeld said when asked if Israeli troops would join the fight in Iraq. We are disposable to them, soulless. You dream of Paradise while they exploit you and take your funny money back from you with a smile on their face. Have fun with your masters. Namaste.

  • 29 Mansoor // Dec 30, 2008 at 1:07 pm

    “When the jews return to Zion and the holy Roman empire rises and a planet fills the sky, he shall rise from the eternal seas creating armies on both the shores, turning man against his brother till man exists no more” Dajjal for the Muslims, Anti – Christ for Christians and MESSIAH for the Jews! this Biblical prophecy has nearly come to pass for the last remaining lost tribe of Israeel has been found.This 12th tribe, the tribe of Menechees, was found in Manipur Moiziram district of India in 2005, the following year chief Rabbi of Israel confirmed their Jewish lineage and in 2007 / 08 after reconversion to Judaism they started returning to their promised land. Indian govt did lodge a protest against these conversions but they are all still returning Israel. The 11th tribe of Dan of the Flashas in Eithiopa was found there in 1983 and the Mossad had master minded their retuurn to zion. All this marks the beginning of the end for jews and zionists for they are being gathered together for their final slaughter once Jesus returns for He was their prophet and it is He who will annihilate them for their transgression of the Divine Laws.

  • 30 Jerry'sfriend // Jan 25, 2009 at 3:19 am

    Thanks, Jerry. Interesting to come see all the “god-fearing” folks pray for the destruction of those other “god-fearing” folks, because my god is meaner than your god… Hmmm…
    The god of Zionists is money, and their little game is crashing down around them. No, the world did NOT buy the propaganda fest, and realized what happened in Gaza was a ritual sacrifice of innocents, just as the ruthless Zionists do for all their really big events.

  • 31 muslim // Aug 30, 2010 at 10:41 am

    before Zionist beliefs absorbed in their thoughts, Jews and Muslims relationship was not in trouble. Nowadays, we could see a lot of problem in the relationship. Let us think back.

  • 32 Hitler // Jan 26, 2011 at 3:09 pm

    Before zionism was peace, it was a peace process!
    we gave the jews land and now they are taking liberties, remeber this one thing there are more muslims in the world compared to jews, there is also more people who hate jews then muslims and the matter of the fact is that when you do something big and we will rise up and it will be the holocaust all over again!!!!!

  • 33 Hitler // Jan 26, 2011 at 3:10 pm

    we gonna kik ur asss smokey!

  • 34 Windom Earle // Sep 28, 2011 at 1:37 pm

    eehhh, you guys know that the world see Israel as terrorists as well? And the whole “chosen people” thing is racism? Wake up, the world belongs to everyone.

  • 35 Abdul // Jan 10, 2012 at 7:35 pm

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