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Why Israeli-Palestinian peace talks need to be called off

March 12th, 2007  ·  13 Comments

Yesterday’s meeting between Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and PLO terror boss Mahmoud Abbas and its immediate aftermath makes it painfully obvious why peace talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority need to be called off.

Every clear-thinking observer has been noting for months how ridiculous it is for Israel to negotiate with Abbas, while a Hamas still unswervingly dedicated to Israel’s destruction is the one that decides whether or not any deals he makes are actually implemented.

Abbas’ promise to Olmert on Sunday to release abducted IDF soldier Gilad Shalit, and Hamas’ reaction to that commitment is just a preview of how the entire “peace” process will play out under these circumstances.

Abbas assured Olmert that Shalit will be freed before the official formation of a unity government with Hamas. In other words, Shalit should be home with his family within the week. That is, if Abbas could be trusted or actually had any power to follow through on his promises.

But he doesn’t. Hamas is holding the reins. And Hamas spokesman Rezi Hamed made perfectly clear on Monday that the terror group has no intention of honoring any commitments made by Abbas that it does not feel fall in line with its interests.

So why in the world is Israel negotiating with Abbas? Why is it being forced to accept (or willing to accept) Abbas as the “negotiating component” of the new Palestinian government if he is unable to actually carry through on what he says?

Of course, this is how the entire peace process has progressed until now. The Palestinian leadership makes promises, and then either fails to honor them or does the exact opposite.

Israel has accepted that reality for so long that I guess the only thing left is to pick the most nicely dressed Palestinian with which to participate in photo-ops.

Fortunately, a ground swell is forming among an Israeli public that is finally beginning to understand just how deeply it has been betrayed by those more interested in signing worthless scraps of paper than pursuing real peace.

According to a recent poll, a firm 56% majority of Israelis say the internationally-backed “two-state solution” to the conflict is simply not workable with the current Palestinian leadership.

It is high time the international community, and Washington in particular, starts to respect Israel’s national interests as defined by Israel itself.

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13 comments so far ↓

  • 1 Nathan // Mar 12, 2007 at 3:11 pm

    The Pals had their solution in 1948 when the partition left an Arab state and a Jewish one living side by side in peace. Unfortunately for the Pals they choose to follow the often empty and un-intelligent rhetoric of the Arab world and decided that extermination much along the lines of Hitler’s model would be the only real solution with the Jews (who mind you were willing and able to live side by side in peace with their little Nazi neighbors.) The age old argument that the “Jews stole our land” is simply not valid given the extensive documents available regarding the Barfour Declaration, etc…

    “So why in the world is Israel negotiating with Abbas?” – Ryan such an excellent question one that as long as I have been studying Israel have never been able to understand. Olmert makes the situation bad enough by being a complete idiot with no tactical prowess whatsoever and that translates directly into his inability to deal with Hamas and Fatah. The Shin Bet should go and start engaging in psychological warfare against Hamas and Fatah and make them start to hate each other even more.

  • 2 Anne Kraemer // Mar 12, 2007 at 6:27 pm

    That is well put and the article ‘Ryan’
    is of course right on. Why is it we’ve all been asking ourselves the same questions?
    What is it that makes people make such whopping mistakes. I say that not to the discredit of the Jewish people in Israel. But rather a human observation. The gov’t of Israel has stretched it’s mind while stretching it’s strategics seemingly to no avail. Could it be that God will work all of this to the Good for the sake of Israel? Could it be that all this time has only made the enemy Hamas visible to PA and PA enemy visible to Hamas, and of course it is themselves. Something is stirring. Nathan, Maybe deeper insult will be to have PA and Hamas (nicely dressed) of course viewing their own pictures side by side and within their hearts be plotting each others demise. It would be a Biblical sign of past great armies that begin war against Israel, only to turn and destroy each other en masse’ in the end. When a warrior is warring (nothing remains clear) and Petra is still a standing and ready ‘Refuge’
    for those who say of the Lord “Thy Word, Oh God, is Truth. Hide me in Thy Pavilion.”
    Nathan, wickedness destroys itself because it fights in the dark and God pushes the darkness down as He glories to fulfill the Light. I know He is doing great exploits as ‘We pray and continue to put our trust in Him.’ I think psychological warfare is God’s specialty as the Bible states; He will send ‘strong delusion’; ‘He will cause them to be confused’; “He will send dirision’ as they also are turned over to a reprobate mind.
    Glory to the name of the Lord of Hosts.
    Also, it has been wonderful to see and hear the defectors of Islam. In France it is by the thousands that Muslims every year are being redeemed. It is WONDERFUL to see News footage of all the lies in photo-journalism that have been uncovered, only to see as they say Pallywood in action. Staged attacks and even staged human atrocities, staged funerals that have been fed to the world to make Israel look bad.
    Perhaps they could find a lot of the lost and out of control spending as the
    (Palestinian Aid Minister admits that millions are lost.) of revenue given to PA. for relief (as they pay actors, directors, cameramen, technical people, soldiers, Fathers and son’s, ambulance drivers. Big industry has opened up. Bet it is costing Millions.
    Ha. The light is shining into this darkness for all the world to see.
    And then there is a ‘Voice’ like one crying out in the wilderness’ and it is loud. Her name is Wafa Sultan. She decry’s Islamic religion.
    The leaders of the Muslim world are hirelings, as are any leaders who put power, money, and not freedom, but only the comforts of life, above all else. When trouble comes they will abandon the people. There should have been seen a lesson in Saddam Hussein, but a new story is being written when the ‘people shall seek Righteousness’, we are here to be the Truth, to speak the Truth, as bearers of the Light, that “Holy Star of the East: He was the true Star of Bethlehem, lighting the earth’s night and day. YeshuaHaMashiach. He has come to stir the still pool in our hearts, turn the world and WAYS OF LOVE beyond our shores.
    Kumi Ori…………………
    Blessing to you Stan. and to many, many of the writers here, and there, and yet to come.They are the sprouting leaves on the branches, strong, which will bare fruit to Bring up to Jerusalem, when we shall come to Jerusalem.

  • 3 Joyce // Mar 12, 2007 at 8:00 pm

    Amen Ryan, Nathan, and Anne, and it is good to hear, that the Israeli’s are showing their disenchantment to their leaders for this so-called peace plan. And I hope, that we as Christians along with Israel, will also show our displeasure towards the international community, and especially Washington for their part in trying to pressure Israel into accepting this debacle. Washington has to realize, that pursuing this is not in the best interest of Israel. How could they not see it? If our leaders are that ignorant to the situation, then they sure don’t need to be in charge of running our country. But, I don’t believe that’s really the problem. I believe, that Washington along with the rest of the international community are willing to sacrifice the best interests of Israel, for their own personal best interests. And that is such a shame. And if we don’t do something about our country’s involvement in this shameful event, then I believe that God will.

  • 4 Marcel // Mar 12, 2007 at 11:16 pm

    So why in the world is Israel negotiating with Abbas?”

    Alone in the world ,desperate for an ally ,a friend ,Israel found in the U.S.
    The U.S. being a superpower and supposedly in Israel’s corner has always intoxicated the small nation of Israel.
    Israel has always been able to stand up against the threats of it enemies and psuedo friends ,the Europeans ,but with a superpower ‘ally’ Israel becomes weakneed and incapable of saying no.
    It all boils dow to the critical issue of faith.
    Israel is hooked on the U.S. like a heroin addict is for their next fix. Their hope and faith are blindly stuck on the Road Map two state agenda come hell or hight water.
    Nothing can awaken the faithless Jews to jump off this Titanic ship now sinking ,nothing that is except God’s destruction of America.
    When the Heroin supplier is six feet under israel will have no choice but to seek their God with all their hearts.
    The reason that Israel negotiates with Abbas is becaue the U.S. tells them to.
    I am SHOCKED that anyone whould have to sak this question when the answer is so openly visible to anyone ?????
    The U.S. is the SUPER powerhouse behind the phony peace Road Map and this is the straw break’s the camels back and gets God to step in and save his people Israel from the evil Road Map forces who have enslaved Israel just as another superpower did prior to the first Passover.
    It started out well for the 12 tribes in Egypt with Joseph in power but changed into a slave master relationship just as we see with America and Israel today.
    Olmert is the vassal puppet and stooge to the Superpower master George and does his will without fail and this is why Olmert talks to Abbas and will surrender Judea and Samaria unless God intervenes.
    HE WILL!!!

  • 5 Charles Wesley // Mar 13, 2007 at 12:38 am

    I totally agree with you Marcel . God will take America out of the way and when the unholy alliance comes against them they will have to call on the name of the Lord . All of these things have to happen as much as it distresses us . Whether Bush actually knows the damage he is doing or not I don’t know . But I don’t know of anybody that holds to his Arab / Israeli policies or for that fact any of his international policies . But how could anyone believe anything that a terrorist tells them . They kill their own children to make it seem that the Israelis did a bad thing . I have no respect for a people like that .

  • 6 Anne Kraemer // Mar 13, 2007 at 4:17 pm

    It would be good if anyone wanting to see an evaluation of where things seem to be concerning Israel takeover by Palestine, and the Powers that be……..see( Lame ducks and sitting ducks) by Caroline B Glick (March 13) Jewish World Review.

  • 7 Joyce // Mar 14, 2007 at 12:38 am

    Thanks Anne for the information. I will have to check it out.

  • 8 Charles Wesley // Mar 14, 2007 at 1:35 am

    I’m beginning to think Bush is trying to be the Antichrist , because only the Antichrist can bring peace to Israel . I sure thought he would be smarter than that . And you can interpret that two ways . Olmert must not be the sharpest knife in the drawer either . Some body needs to intervene and I think He will . Those Arab radicals provably can’t believe what they are hearing . This Dynamic Duo has to be on the same level as “The Apple Dumpling Gang “___ “Laural and Hardy ” Who in their right mind would ever give up land taken while defending yourself and being used as a buffer zone . Maybe the US is going to give back all the land they took (as an aggressive act ) to the Indians . Oil wells and all .
    How stupid ?

  • 9 Charles Wesley // Mar 14, 2007 at 4:00 am

    Careful people my post appeared on an Antizionist web site, word for word . The site is “christian zionism exposed ” . The whole blog topic included . The post # is 28 There is Islamic material on as well .

  • 10 Anne Kraemer // Mar 14, 2007 at 6:39 pm

    I have not been able to get to this site.
    what must I type in?

  • 11 Charles Wesley // Mar 14, 2007 at 10:29 pm

    Anne ,
    The site is actually christian Zoinismexposed . No space between Zionism and exposed . And yes you are on there also .

  • 12 Charles Wesley // Mar 14, 2007 at 11:18 pm

    Check out the Flying Imam on the site christian Zionismexposed and see what they are saying about 911 . It would seem that we are making the whole thing up kind of like the Holocaust . The hi-jackers were only trying to get some practical flight time and things went awry .

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